How Power PDF-Cloud will revolutionize the way you work

Call it the best of both worlds. Traditional PDF tools continue to offer powerful advantages, yet now, moving PDF software to the cloud offers even more benefits – for employees and the business itself.

In the increasingly digital and interconnected world that we all live in, the ability to access software and information “on the go” can transform the way that businesses get things done. Not to mention the personal productivity and working lives of individuals.

For years, PDF software (such as Nuance’s Power PDF™) has given users an effective, versatile way to work with documents. Yet now, thanks to a partnership between Nuance and Ingram Micro, PDF solutions are now available in the cloud, enabling PDF to become even more agile and better equipped to serve the fast-paced, modern world.


The benefits of Power PDF-Cloud

Power PDF has always provided a number of important features and advantages to improve the way users work with documents. Whether they need to create editable PDF files from virtually any document or application, scan paper documents and then search them using OCR technology, secure them using 256-bit encryption, or quickly redact sensitive information, Power PDF delivers.

Now this new cloud version of Power PDF gives employees all of these same features. Yet it now provides an added benefit: The ability to access this solution – and these powerful capabilities – wherever, whenever they need them. Because this version of Power PDF is in the cloud, instead of a local machine, users can easily log in using their preferred device (laptop, tablet or mobile device), eliminating the need for them to be in the office to get work done.


Reduce software costs

There are other benefits, too. For example, purchasing software can be a major expense for many businesses, especially if there are a lot of users requiring licenses. All of this makes this a significant opportunity to save.

In this case, software as a service works differently – instead of making large upfront investments, organizations can pay a monthly subscription payment. This gives users all of the same benefits of the software, but enabling the company to spread the costs out into manageable monthly amounts.


Secure your document processes

According to a recent report by LinkedIn, 63 percent of businesses are concerned about the risk of their data being accessed without authorization, while another 61 percent fear that their cloud account may be hijacked.

These concerns are well founded, and highlight the need to secure business data when moving to the cloud. In turn, all of this emphasizes the need to choose solutions from leading providers and trusted brands. Nuance and Ingram Micro are both well established companies and trusted by leading businesses, including law firms and healthcare providers, to secure their most important data.

Power PDF – Cloud gives users the ability to password-protect and encrypt all documents as well as restrict who can edit or print them. Digital signatures can also be used to make sure no unauthorized changes have been made.


Minimize software requirements

The need to continuously upgrade hardware and operating systems can be a considerable expense, especially as it relates to updating minimum requirements for office software. Yet moving PDF solutions to the cloud minimizes this need.

Also, the PDF software is hosted on a remote server, which lets users access and use them on far less system-intensive clients and devices. Not only does this help reduce hardware and software costs, but it effectively delivers higher performance than businesses may expect to achieve using existing hardware.


Take the load off IT

Busy, over-burdened IT staff can also breathe a sigh of relief as SaaS solutions takes the pressure off of them to install, manage, troubleshoot, maintain and update software. Now, all of these efforts are all taken care of as part of the Power PDF – Cloud subscription.

Get started with Power PDF-Cloud now

If you’ve read the benefits above and feel that you’re ready to take the step towards cloud-based PDF solutions, click here to find out more about Power PDF-Cloud.

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