Print and capture: on the horns of a dilemma

Organizations are continually pressured to drive greater efficiencies in their organization while facing ever evolving threats around security and compliance. These challenges are not new, but the urgency to solve them is increasing. The question on where to start is daunting. To help take these challenges head on, organizations need to focus on the very thing that is driving their business. It is the information, or documents, that is flowing their office walls both physically and digitally that need to be wrangled in through effective print and capture solutions.

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The Greek poet Homer wrote about Scylla and Charybdis, two “sea monsters” who were situated in the straits between Sicily and Italy. The hero Odysseus, while traveling on his famous Odyssey, was forced to choose which of the two monsters to confront to continue his journey.

If Homer, who wrote his Odyssey about 2,100 years ago, could have foreseen the hammer blow of present day compliance regulations (such as GDPR) on the business landscape today, he may have imagined something even more dreadful than sea monsters. Because, surely, those who care about the flow of information within the enterprise today are on the horns of a dilemma.

Spending on information security is expected to reach $124 billion this year as company security professionals seek new and better ways to control how digital and physical documents are captured, created, and distributed within the enterprise.

Yet, in the quest for greater employee productivity, it seems every technology vendor in the world is seeking to make those same documents more accessible, more easily replicable, more globally available, and more portable.

And so, productivity and security are in direct conflict, looming above IT and security professionals on either side like sea monsters, as business people demand (and receive) more flexibility with documents; and regulatory bodies ratchet up the potential costs of not keeping those same documents under tight controls.

Think of every document your organization produces in a year. In a single day. Think about how easy it is for them to fall into the wrong hands – or fail to be delivered into the right hands. Think about all their potential misadventures, from being forgotten in a copier tray to being hacked and exploited by cybercrooks. And think about the money wasted every year on unnecessary printing.

And then think of how much value they capture and drive for your organization. Purchases, payments, proofs… it’s endless.

Here at Nuance Document Imaging, we’re not dragon slayers. But we are helping by providing you with solutions for capture, printing, distributing, and storing your valuable documents. Even the humble PDF file, for example, can be leveraged to provide faster, more secure content distribution.

Most importantly, we realize that documents are your business. And we’re determined to continue offering you new and better ways for them to fulfill their value potential – while seeing your business safely through turbulent waters.

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Stacy Leidwinger

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