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Often companies have an ideal solution to address their business challenges, yet the solution is idle. It could be a previous investment that was never properly implemented. Or it could be technology the company sells, yet attention is so dedicated to clients that there is never an opportunity to address the company’s own needs. That wasn’t the case at Nuance, as the company has been able to reduce paper waste and secure printing with Equitrac.
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As the old he saying goes, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” It’s not unusual for technology companies today to be like the cobbler — struggling with the same challenges they frequently solve for their customers. Why? Often it is because the company is so focused on client implementation and success that internal resources are never available to treat themselves.

Not long after acquiring Equitrac, Nuance recognized an opportunity to exemplify the company’s mission to reinvent the relationship between people and technology, and do so within its own walls — all the while avoiding the stigma of the cobbler’s children with no shoes. Nuance’s belief in intelligent systems extended to secure printing, wanting employees to have a reliable solution designed to protect confidential documents, such as contracts and HR paperwork. The company also desired to reduce paper consumption in an effort to save money and promote a greener workplace. Interestingly, Nuance didn’t just want this for their clients. They also wanted it for themselves. And both became possible after acquiring Equitrac in 2011.

Knowing that it had an excellent product in-house, Nuance investigated Equitrac as a way to implement secure printing while reducing costs and environmental impact. One important key to success was the Equitrac project team treating the in-house implementation as it would a customer. It met implementation challenges head-on, and provided outstanding training that helped ensure the system would work even better than expected. In other words, the cobbler was able to provide the same quality work for his children’s shoes as he would a customer.

And the results? Well, they speak for themselves. At the company’s Burlington, Massachusetts headquarters for example, Nuance was able to reduce its printer count by nearly half – from 40 units to 20 during office remodeling. Toner orders are down, and printouts are no longer lingering on the printers, relieving confidentially headaches in legal, finance, and HR. Long term, as Nuance continues to expand, it can consolidate down from multiple printers in a location to a centralized business center with just one or two machines. In less than a year, Equitrac is helping Nuance meet its cost reduction and environmental goals while providing employees and departments with the secure printing required to do business.

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