How the right document capture software thwarted student identity theft at Tulane University

Tulane University significantly improved its operations with Nuance print management and document capture solutions. The result? Increased productivity, security, and ROI.
Nuance helped Tulane University improve printing and overall student security.

Education institutions of all sizes face many challenges related to the way they process, consume, share and store information on paper documents. For example, most education institutions have a high number of users – students, administrative staff, guests, and more – who tend to view printing as a free service.

The result is an over-reliance on printing and copying, which is expensive, bad for the environment, and a risk to compliance requirements.

Yet this challenge offers an opportunity at the same time. For example, effective document management printing solutions and cloud printing technology can reduce overall costs and improve productivity. As a result, teachers can spend more time in the classroom and students can focus on learning.


Document challenges at Tulane University

Tulane was recently looking for a document capture and print management solution that could meet its current requirements and grow with it as its needs change and expand over time.

For example, Tulane has to deal with tens of thousands of documents each month related to financial aid, billing information, grants and awards, and more. These documents contain a lot of birthdates, social security numbers, financial data, and personal information – all of which could be prime targets for identify theft.

Additionally, Tulane’s business lifecycle is seasonal and particularly heavy in the late summer due to the amount of information it collects for all students. All of this adds complexity to its overall print environment.


AutoStore: Secure content capture and workflows

Tulane chose Nuance’s AutoStore document capture and print management solution to serve as a backbone for many of its business processes across a variety of departments. This cloud-printing solution now captures paper and electronic documents from a copier, scanner, printer, desktop, web browser or mobile device, and then routes the information into the appropriate business system, based on document type and workflows.

With a mixed fleet of multifunction devices (MFDs), Tulane implemented the AutoStore software into several departments, including the Student Advising area, which deals with communications between the University and its students, as well as between parents, students and the University. It’s an area that’s particularly concerned with privacy and security.

All of this has added up to a number of significant benefits: a single solution for multiple MFDs, increased time-savings for a fast ROI, and a fast, easy – effective – deployment.

Download the case study

Download the Tulane University case study to see how document capture and workflow solutions help improve critical processes in education.


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