Securing your print environment – driving without a map

Within a hospital, think about everything that prints and the applications that create those prints. That’s a big web of hardware and software interaction, and it creates content with PHI every single day, every hour. How do you safeguard against PHI breach?

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Would you ever go on a road trip knowing only the destination? Of course not. To “get there” efficiently, you need a map. Our hospitals also need a map to improve their compliance and adherence to HIPAA. The current HIPAA privacy laws tell hospitals where they need to be when it comes to securing print – but there’s little direction to that destination.

The US Department of Health & Human Services in conjunction with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has called out copiers/multifunction devices as “workstations” fifteen times in their own Risk Analysis tool. The same rules that apply to workstations apply to copiers and print sources. On top of that, there are physical, technical, and administrative safeguards that most hospitals do not meet.

So, the destination is known, but who can help with the map?

Our team has visited countless hospitals where faxes sit in output trays, patient/visitor-accessible equipment without a means to lock it down, prints (with PHI) sitting out for anyone to take, and on top of that many of these tasks are being handled by a multitude of costly devices, none of which meet the legislative guidelines. Every print, every fax, each scan to an email…they’re all little HIPAA violations.

I research the HHS Breach Notification Portal countless times and the only consistency is that breaches take on all forms. Documents are mishandled, laptops get stolen, doors are left unlocked, and the list of breaches and intrusions goes on. The stress this place on hospital IT staff is enormous.

Nuance Document Imaging for Healthcare can provide peace of mind for the Physical, Technical, and Administrative safeguards as defined by the HIPPA security laws. We’ve created our own threat assessment scorecard looking at data at rest, data in motion, data in use related to print, copy, fax, and scan. 

If you engage our team, we can provide not only the means to drive the security that’s needed across all these sources, but tools to drive actionable intelligence to make positive changes to the environment, and we do so while driving down hard-dollar operational savings.

If you will be at HIMMS, please visit Nuance Document Imaging in booth #3345. We would love to chat with you.

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Jason Zatrock

About Jason Zatrock

Jason Zatrock is the Healthcare National Account Manager for the Imaging Division. He acts as a SME for healthcare imaging, supporting the regional imaging sales teams and NDI partner base with a focus on the more complex secure document/data capture and secure print sales cycle within large hospitals and IDNs. Prior to Nuance, Jason was part of the Notable Solutions acquisition and was part of the team that began the drive of now-Nuance imaging solutions into the healthcare market which built on our security message with our VA and Defense Department customer base.