Small Business Week: Simplifying the demands of documentation and paperwork

Small business owners have much to think about as they work to keep their operation thriving. They wear many hats, including, in some cases, serving as their own office administrators. With that comes a brunt of paperwork and documentation considerations – many of which are critical to the day-to-day operations of the business. But documentation headaches shouldn’t impede a small business owner from focusing on other important responsibilities. In honor of National Small Business Week, we are sharing best practices from Dragon users for managing documentation work.
Small business owners shouldn’t be burdened by documentation and paperwork.

Small business owners face numerous challenges, including money allocation, limited staff, time-constraints, and customer satisfaction. However, something that can become one of the biggest impediments to growing a business can be time spent on work, namely paperwork. Business owners have to wear many hats, including, in some cases, serving as their own office administrator, which can leave them encumbered by reporting and other documentation constraints. Strapped for time and short on staff, the irony becomes doing actual work may leave less room for work, such as growing a small business.

There are several ways to tackle paperwork challenges. Here are some tips we’ve culled from Dragon users who rely on these techniques to increase their workplace productivity.

They make a habit of digital note taking

Visiting customers, attending events, traveling from meeting to meeting – it can leave you saddled with a backlog of paperwork. How do you combat this daily task? Become a copious digital note taker. Instead of writing out countless notes by hand — or saving this work for when you get back to your desk — use a digital voice recorder and record your notes. Later, simply transcribe your voice files using speech recognition software like Dragon.

Many of the Dragon users that we speak to who spend much of their time in the field – sales managers, lawyers and even police officers – benefit greatly from this technique and so can you. Not only will it enable you to take detailed notes (as you’re dictating thoughts while things are fresh in your mind), but it will save countless hours – most of which can be placed towards other tasks to manage your small business.

They manage their document workloads  

Christine Broda, a self-employed architect, uses Dragon to keep up with the pace of work. “At any given time, I usually have three jobs in various stages of the design phase and three more under construction. I’m a single practitioner, so I have to do everything myself.”

Like most small business owners, for Broda, time is money. She says that being more efficient and including more details in reports actually saves her clients’ money too. “We can see and fix potential problems earlier in the process. It’s a lot easier to make a change in the computer than when a few guys are standing under a beam asking: ‘What do we do now?’” Broda notes that eighty percent of construction costs are labor, so many of her clients can save a lot of money by ensuring those situations never happen.  Click here to read more of Christine’s story.

Like most everyone, since Broda can talk faster that she can type, managing her documentation workload with speech recognition makes perfect sense.

Whether your business needs involve daily correspondence, detailed reporting, or you simply want a less taxing way to use your computer, using tools like speech can help you stay afloat and keep your business thriving.

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