Is “slow and steady” your best career move?

Speed is your strongest competitive advantage. The faster you respond to customers, the faster goals are fulfilled, and the faster security and governance needs are resolved, the better for your business. And Nuance technology is being recognized as a powerful business value accelerator.
Speed is a competitive advantage

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“Slow and steady wins the race” in fables. But how would the words “slow and steady” look on your next performance review?


How long should a patient wait for critical test results? How long should it take to process a lawyer’s billable time, so clients can be invoiced? How quickly should you respond to a cyberthreat? And will “slow and steady” customer service times help you raise those Net Promoter scores?


There are competitive pressures, too. If your competitor arrives at a desired market goal faster than you, who’s going to win? Business history has shown time and again, it isn’t always the best solution that wins: it’s the one that gets to market faster.


Throughout my career, I have worked with many technologies, and what each one of them had in common was the promise that they would make the workforce more productive, allowing workers to accomplish more in less time. Get work done faster. Speed.


Speed is a competitive differentiator, and it powerfully impacts your bottom line. Consider the legal market where time absolutely means money. Every minute a lawyer spends on non-billable work moves her from asset to liability: an expense instead of revenue. The legal profession has become a technology fast mover. And to better enable them to reach their goals more quickly, Nuance has developed a portfolio of technologies that drive greater automation for complex, information rich processes. As a result, the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) has once again granted us high rankings in their 2018 Annual ILTA Survey for our scanning, cost recovery, voice to text, digital dictation, and PDF editing capabilities.


Lawyers aren’t our only friends: especially when speed means more than profits. To healthcare organizations, greater speed means better patient care. It means ensuring physicians have the right information at the right time to treat a patient. It means updating patient records in real-time. And it means moving faster without giving up a millimeter to security and compliance requirements.


Industry differences only magnify our need for speed. If you have customers to satisfy, product to deliver, services to offer, and goals to meet—you, too, are a part of the constant search for new and better ways to unlock greater business productivity. And Nuance has the technology and the knowhow to help.


And consider this: each day as we scrutinize that long list of needed projects and consider where best to invest our professional time, think about choosing those that will get us more quickly to our goals—giving back more time to your people, your colleagues, and your company. Speed doesn’t just win races. It can be your greatest gift to co-workers and your company.

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