How often do you find yourself jotting down ideas, reminders or any other need-to keep information on sticky notes? Today, you can say goodbye to those random paper reminders and hello to Dragon Notes, an app we’ve just introduced that’s optimized for Microsoft Windows 8 devices. Dragon Notes lets you capture, organize and share notes and ideas – just by speaking. Visit here to learn more.

Like our other voice-enabled technologies, Dragon Notes puts your words to work and captures everything you want to remember in your busy day – using your voice. You can quickly speak notes, to-do lists, reminders, status updates, anything you need to remember. Simply dictate a note then have your words automatically appear in a date/time stamped note in the app. And because your notes are auto-saved, you’ll never lose an important idea or thought. After you’re done, use your voice to transfer your notes into applications like email, web, social media and more.

Dragon Notes takes full advantage of the Windows 8 touchscreen and tile interface, and is perfect for Windows 8 tablets. If you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, good news – you can use Dragon Notes on your PC too.

Here are some great ways to use Dragon Notes – for work, for home, for life.

For Work

Never forget a great idea, important date and name, or capture important meeting notes by taking quick, digital notes.

  • Scrap the whiteboard and speak your notes – no writing or typing
  • Share ideas via email with clients and co-workers as they come to mind
  • Organize priority tasks and projects, or even research a project

For Home

Fumbling for pen and paper is now a thing of the past – capture, save and organize daily to-dos, ideas for your next family vacation destination, schedules, shopping lists and more.

  • Let students capture ideas or thoughts for book reports and projects
  • Take quick notes to organize details of birthdays, holiday parties or other important events – no pen required!

For Life

Connect with family and friends – posting to Facebook or Twitter can be done in an instant.  Just give Dragon simple commands, like “Post to Facebook” and it is done.

  • Say goodbye to sticky notes for need-to-keep information – capture phone numbers, addresses, important dates and reminders, confirmation codes and more
  • Get creative – use your voice to take quick notes for ideas about that much-dreamed about blog – or book!

Looking to buy Dragon Notes? Visit here.

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