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From those looking to channel their creativity, express thoughts and ideas seamlessly, to anyone who wants to work in a smarter fashion, Dragon speech recognition makes virtually any computer task easier simply by speaking. And with the best deals of the year, like our annual buy one, get one free event, now is the time to get this unique productivity and creativity tool for those on your gift list.

Dragon speech recognition makes it easier to use a computer simply by speaking. From dictating documents, sending email, to controlling computer applications by voice, Dragon is used in diverse ways – and by a diverse range of people. From students and grandparents to busy professionals, to those with accessibility issues like carpal tunnel, Dragon offers full command and control by voice. It’s as simple as you talk, it types; or you talk, it does. Learn more.

And with the best deals of the year, like our annual holiday sales events, now is the time to get this unique productivity and creativity tool for anyone on your gift list.  Here are some of the many applications for Dragon; some of which may apply to that special someone on your gift list.

Reach new academic heights

Dragon speech recognition has been recommended by thousands of educators. Ideal for students looking for a homework helper, to those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, Dragon lets students focus on their thoughts and not the process of typing. They can express thoughts and ideas in writing more quickly and easily, generating new levels of independence and confidence.

Preserve lifetime memories

Many a Dragon user is a grandparent who wants to chronicle lifetime stories in an easier way. While they focus on the thoughts they want to share, Dragon does all the typing for them; letting them stay connected to loved ones by communicating family histories, simply by speaking.

Powering productivity

From keeping track of daily tasks, writing documents to sending emails, wasted time at a computer may mean wasted money for business pros or anyone who needs to be productive for work. Many use Dragon as a personal assistant. By talking instead of typing, everything from spreadsheets and presentations, emails and record keeping, to writing blogs or articles gets done faster and easier.

The assistive technology

Dragon is used as an assistive technology for those with a broad range of physical challenges such as carpal tunnel and RSI. Because a computer user can simply speak to get things done, it helps reduce the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks needed to create documents or manage computer applications.

Technology for everyone

From computer novices to computer aficionados, if you have something to say, say it with Dragon. You’ll be amazed at how accurately it transforms what you want to say into the exact words you want to use.

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