Increasing productivity and simplifying paperwork: Speech recognition and the legal industry

Speech recognition offers many benefits to the legal industry, including the ability to simplify and streamline time-consuming documentation work. Nuance’s Peter Mahoney recently captured the growing list of advantages that lawyers and law firms can experience from using speech recognition in an article for Legaltech.
Speech recognition affords many productivity gains to the legal industry.

As recent surveys have shown, speech recognition is becoming a widely-adopted productivity tool for the legal industry. Our own Peter Mahoney recently contributed an article to Legaltech, covering the many benefits that speech recognition affords legal professionals, including sophisticated dictation and transcription capabilities. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Many people associate speech recognition technology with its consumer use cases, such as talking to phones, TVs, cars, and even home appliances. However, speech recognition also helps organizations and professionals—legal professionals in particular—increase productivity by simplifying documentation and paperwork. In fact, the average person can talk up to 3-5 times faster than they can type. It’s also more accurate and improves the overall quality of reporting. Speech recognition technology also lets legal professionals capture their thoughts and ideas while they are out of the office, keeping them top of mind. All of this allows lawyers to focus their efforts on building their case, while spending more time serving their clients.

The full article, which includes additional details on how speech can be customized for specific legal use cases and how it helps organizations better manage administrative work, can be accessed here (note: a non-paid registration to Legaltech is required to read the full article).

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