PDF software has kept pace in a business world that requires global collaboration, “24/7” access to vital information, and solutions that appeal to an increasingly mobile workforce.

For example, to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud technology today, PDF solutions must be able to connect workers to the cloud by enabling them to save documents to today’s most popular cloud services such as Evernote®, Dropbox®, and more.

With this true “anytime-anywhere” access to their most important documents using the web or their own mobile devices, employees can improve productivity, increase access to critical information, and accelerate the overall speed of business.

Additional PDF functionality now includes advanced editing capabilities that convert and display documents as fully editable. This functionality enables more efficient editing using word-processor like features. It also helps users save steps related to converting, saving and opening a file in a word-processing application – especially if users plan on creating them as PDF file anyway.

Other impressive enhancements possible today include integrated speech recognition – functionality that enables users to create notes quickly and accurately in PDF files simply by speaking their thoughts instead of using a keyboard.

To learn more about PDF solutions and how they can help improve overall productivity – and drive better business results – please download the Nuance whitepaper, “Making PDF Work in the Office Environment.”

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