Three New Year’s resolutions for better document management results

As 2016 approaches, focus on these resolutions to improve your print, capture, and workflow solutions.
Three New Year's resolutions to improve print, capture, and workflow processes.

It’s that time of year again. A time to look back at 2015 to review the year’s highlights, but also a chance to look forward to 2016 and plan some New Year’s resolutions.

To help, we offer three resolutions that we believe every organization should focus on in 2016, especially as they relate to print, capture, and workflow processes.

Resolution #1: Secure confidential information

Protecting business and customer data has become a modern battleground today. Yet loopholes still exist, making it too easy for employees to share confidential information even when they don’t mean to.

For example, did you know that your digital copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs) may be increasing your security risk? After all, these devices have hard drives, operating systems, and the ability to communicate inside and outside of your organization. These systems should be part of a holistic network security plan, yet because they are often not considered a business security risk, they are often be overlooked.

Resolution #2: Gain control of MFPs

As described above, MFP security is a real issue. According to research firm, InfoTrends, there are over 30 million printers and multifunction devices in the U.S. and Western Europe today, and most are connected to a network. While this is great for worker productivity, it also means that these devices are just as susceptible to attacks as other corporate technology.

Yet in many ways this challenge may be an opportunity, especially if you take action now. To assess overall MFP security in your company, you can complete our threat assessment test to see just how secure your document workflows actually are. The answer may surprise you, especially when you consider that your printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and email may all pose more of a security threat than you might have expected.

To prevent potential data breaches, companies today must gain control of both the physical and electronic access points on their MFPs. For example, Nuance offers a portfolio of solutions that cover print management, capture, and mobile workflows to protect all points of access to your critical documents. With functionality such as Follow-You Printing, user authentication, and network security, Nuance solutions help you balance security and control with ease-of-use and compliance.

Resolution #3: Reduce costs with effective print management solutions

Remember that print costs come from more than ink and paper, and include such variables  as print waste, excessive and non-essential printers, and lost time managing print servers and infrastructure.

Print management solutions are the answer. For example, Nuance solutions can help reduce the burden on IT, lower overall costs, and make printing much more efficient. One Nuance customer recently reduced its print fleet by 75%—while increasing security and employee productivity at the same time—all by implementing more effective print management technology.

Print management can reduce the need for personal printers—leading to a significant drop in electricity consumption and it work devices from multiple suppliers. Print management also supports the growing demands of mobile printing, critical for improving employee productivity while still maintaining control over your entire print infrastructure.

Improve security, gain control, and reduce costs

Make 2016 your year to focus on achieving results that will really make a difference. Discover how Nuance solutions can help you increase the security of your information, boost overall productivity, and decrease costs—all resolutions worth keeping.

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