Yesterday, we launched our new note-taking app – Dragon Notes – a quick and fun app that lets you speak notes, create and organize to do lists, and more – using your voice.

Dragon Notes is the perfect app if you need to be hyper-organized at work, want to organize your daily to-dos, or anyone looking for a simple way to capture notes and ideas in the office, at home or on-the-go – no pen or paper required.

Dragon Notes is super-easy to use. Just click the Dragon flame and speak. That’s all it takes to get started.

You can dictate a note (up to 30 seconds) then have your words automatically appear in a date/time stamped note in the app – and because it’s auto-saved you’ll never lose an important idea or thought. But that’s not all. You have several options once you have completed your note:

  • Post to Facebook: Dragon Notes wants you to stay connected! Using your voice, you can create a note, then say “Post to Facebook” or “Share on Facebook” and Dragon Notes will automatically update your status with the content of your note.
  • Share on Twitter: Sending a tweet is easy with Dragon Notes. Dictate your note then tell Dragon “Share on Twitter” or “Post to Twitter” and it will send your tweet immediately.
  • Send an Email: Communicate important messages when they come to mind using Dragon Notes. Create a new note, then say “Send an email” or “send via email” and your text will automatically appear in the message body of your default email program.
  • Search the Web: Sometimes you need an answer and you need it fast. Use Dragon Notes for quick web searches. Dictate your search into a note and say “Search the Web” and Dragon Notes will launch your default web browser and search engine, returning results quickly and easily – and saving that search term as a note so you can keep track of what you’ve already researched!

Once created, you can edit your note with the keyboard at any time. If you don’t want to use voice commands, or you miss the 15-second window of time where Dragon Notes is waiting for your command after completing a note, no worries: your auto-saved notes are able to be shared, emailed, or deleted, or you can search the web from Dragon Note’s in-app menu.

Interested in buying Dragon Notes? Get it here!

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