Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise provides everything you need to create, convert, edit, assemble, and securely share PDF files for increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, and improved compliance but there are several tips, tricks and shortcuts that could further enhance your Nuance PDF Converter experience. For example, do you know how to add pages from MS Office documents to PDF files without having to convert the source files to PDF?

Try these time-saving, productivity-enhancing shortcuts to streamline key processes within Nuance PDF Converter.

Shortcut #1 – Use the Page Assembly feature within Document Assembly to selectively choose pages from Office documents to drag and drop into your PDF file

The new Document Assembly feature available in Nuance PDF Converter is a great improvement over the traditional method of working with PDF files at the Document level. In the past, this was done using the Thumbnail or Pages View. Previously, you could move the Thumbnails around in the document, and insert new pages – as long as you had other PDF pages ready to insert.

Now with Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise, our Page Assembly feature within Document Assembly allows you to simply open a preview of source files – Word, Excel, PPT, Images – and selectively choose pages to drag and drop into your PDF file. This avoids the need to first convert your source file to PDF. Simply go from the original source directly into your PDF, and the selected source pages automatically become part of your PDF file.

tip1 pdt

Shortcut #2 – Work with Tools to add Comments and Annotations directly in the Document Assembly view.
In the Document Assembly view, (see screenshot), the pages may look like large thumbnails, but they are actually live PDF pages. We also provide advanced tools like the Header/Footer and Split Document tools directly within Document Assembly. This allows you to work with PDF files at both the Document/Page level and at the Content level, giving you the best of both.

tip2 pdf

Ready to learn more shortcuts with Nuance PDF Converter 8? Register for an upcoming PDF Converter Enterprise Demo webinar and in less than 30 minutes,  we’ll show you how simple it is to create, view, and edit your PDF documents with word processing ease, including:

  • Converting PDF files to editable Corel, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and searchable XPS documents
  • Adding notes with Dragon Notes speech recognition
  • Creating form-fillable PDFs from scanned documents
  • Assembling multiple documents with ease
  • Ensuring document security, and creating PDF/a compliant documents

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