Ways to use PDF documents for more secure document workflow

Recent research shows that the loss of sensitive data costs companies $3.8 million per year. Discover how PDF solutions can improve overall security and safeguard an organization's most confidential information.
PDF document management system

The Ponemon Institute recently reported that the loss of sensitive data costs companies approximately $3.8 million a year. The financial consequences aren’t the only problems these companies face; damages to reputation and the loss of customer loyalty can be even greater concerns. Additionally, if legal requirements are breached, the consequences for the company may be serious, potentially even leading to penalties and lawsuits.


The current state of document management

Safeguarding and keeping an eye on the many documents that a company creates, distributes, edits and stores, throughout those documents’ life cycle, is an extremely difficult task. Once paper documents have been circulated, it’s virtually impossible to keep tabs on them. Managing documentation in digital processes based on the PDF format offers a more successful alternative.

Professional PDF solutions already feature security functions that can be combined with appropriate tools to create an end-to-end security concept.  For example, PDF supports optional password-protected document security with encryption, and targeted allocation of user permissions using a separate owner’s password.

Now the right PDF solutions can be used to quickly, inexpensively and efficiently create a document workflow that protects documents throughout their entire life cycle. Leading PDF solutions offer all security functions for creating, circulating and editing PDFs on a intuitive user interface, leading to the following significant benefits:

  • Easy configuration of read, edit, copy and print authorizations
  • Improved security encryption
  • Automatic or manual removal of sensitive data
  • Inclusion of digital signatures and certificates
  • Implementation and integration with existing systems quickly and easily
  • Ability to compare two versions of a document

Effective PDF software can improve document security and protect a documents against unauthorized access – critical to protecting confidential information and gaining peace of mind.

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