Committing to a growth mindset

Thirty years ago, Stanford psychology professor Dr. Carol Dweck began her pioneering research into why some students rebounded and flourished after a failure whereas others were defeated by it. The result of this work, initially based in the world of education, is what we know today as “growth mindset” versus “fixed mindset.”

In short, people with a growth mindset seek to continually learn, improve, and become stronger at whatever it is they want to do; they are also more committed to the effort, the process, and the practice of getting and doing better. On the other hand, people with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence, strength, and talent are innate qualities that don’t change over time. They believe that these qualities themselves lead to success, regardless of effort. People with a fixed mindset may document their successes, rather than develop their skills.

No one, of course, has a purely growth mindset or a purely fixed mindset, and as Dweck has written, achieving the former requires hard work and perseverance. But what’s interesting here is the fact that these mindsets are not strictly associated with people. Organizations function similarly, and those companies that operate with a growth mindset reap significant benefits, including more innovative and collaborative employees.

The effect on employees may be particularly important as the ways in which we do our work continues to evolve in this age of digitalization. As more work becomes automated and influenced by AI, for example, people must adapt and recommit themselves to the process of learning, trying something new, and—yes—even failing. And it all starts with the leadership team, who is responsible for defining the growth of the business, and who must therefore encourage and engender learning, ownership, and collaboration along the way.

We are humbled at Nuance to have a leadership team that is committed to leading with this growth mindset, and we are thrilled to welcome two new leaders to our team this month. Karen Simonenko has joined our Provider Solutions leadership team as Vice President, Quality and Revenue Integrity. Throughout her career, she has focused on creating consistency, promoting best practices, and creating an ideal customer experience. Mike Jones joins us as Vice President of Ambulatory and Mid-Markets, where he will focus on expanding and delivering outcomes and growth for our clients in these areas.

We look forward to partnering with Mike and Karen in new and exciting ways. Although continuing to embrace and achieve a growth mindset will require hard work and persistence, we know we are up to the challenge.

About Michael Clark

Michael Clark is the senior vice president and general manager for Provider Solutions within Nuance’s Healthcare division, leading EHR Services, clinical documentation creation and improvement. A results-driven, accountable leader, Michael aligns organizations to prioritize the customer experience, honor the product roadmap, and execute against the company vision. He has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare market and a breadth of experience driving and transforming global teams, products, and services. Prior to joining Nuance in 2016, Michael held several executive leadership roles at healthcare organizations including Evariant and MedQuist. Michael holds a B.A. in Marketing and International Business from Miami University and MBA from the University of Miami School of Business.