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The Way Forward with Dr. Budman

The Way Forward: Key advice when upgrading or deploying new technologies

Simply implementing new technologies doesn’t magically solve challenges organizations face

The Way Forward: Physician burnout

Offering strategic direction and help for critical access and rural hospitals.

Attaining and maintaining organizational buy-in for your MyChart Patient Portal

Making the most of your Epic MyChart Patient Portal

How to connect with the unconnected patient

Seven high-value MyChart features driving patient portal adoption and satisfaction

Voice biometrics has gone mainstream due to recent increase in fraud and security needs, more mobile consumers, increased attention on other biometric authentication such as iris and fingerprint, and the growing expectations of consumers for an omni-channel experience.

Engaging patients for better care: making the most of your Epic MyChart Patient Portal

Increasing patient engagement through Epic EHR

The power of you. Multiplied.

We are dedicated to making each member of the care team more efficient and effective.


AI in Action at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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AI cloud: A pivotal moment for innovation

IaaS, AI-driven technology, and healthcare innovations reach tipping point

Asking “Why not?” instead of “Why?”

Using artificial intelligence in healthcare to turn vision into reality

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Education, personalization and culture are crucial