Arnaud Wilmet, MD
Arnaud Wilmet, MD is Chief Medical Information Officer at Nuance where he is in charge of the France Medical Accounts. Prior joining the team, he managed a Pediatrics center in Paris for five years and implemented a full patient integrated EHR with success. He joined Cerner France where he applies clinical knowledge to facilitate development, marketing, sales and integration of solutions to improve patient outcomes and raise physician satisfaction in French Hospitals. He relocated 3 years in the USA as a Senior Physician Executive for Cerner Corp. working with major clients. His last role was Chief Medical Officer of H4D, a telehealth provider where he manages the virtual clinics and medical affairs. Dr. Wilmet finished medical school at University of Angers as a family practice physician. The breadth of his background has given him a holistic perspective which encompasses both the patient and provider experience.

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