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Nuance is revolutionizing the contact center with GPT technology

Nuance is introducing a GPT-powered capability for contact center AI solutions. Here’s how it will help our customers make their existing AI self-service experiences even smarter, enabling higher levels of self-service while increasing cost savings and driving revenue.

The global public attention that greeted the launch of ChatGPT has highlighted that we’re at a pivotal moment in the development of AI. As pioneers in contact center AI, it’s exciting to see the emergence of advanced open AI models that can augment our existing innovations with powerful new capabilities.

We’re delighted to introduce Nuance Mix Answers that expands the abilities of both digital and voice bots to increase self-service levels. Powered by GPT, this new capability is available and augments our market-leading conversational AI platform, Nuance Mix.

Nuance Mix Answers is built on the Azure OpenAI Service (available through Microsoft’s close partnership with OpenAI) and Nuance Mix, our conversational AI platform. This gives customers access to solutions that use the most advanced open AI through a trusted cloud provider and responsible AI infrastructure, and on a platform based on decades of contact center AI leadership.

Introducing our new GPT-powered contact center AI capability

As contact volumes rise and contact center costs face increasing scrutiny, customer engagement leaders are under pressure to do more with less—without compromising the customer experience.

To meet these challenges, many leaders are deploying virtual assistants and conversational IVRs to increase self-service. But while these bots can automate frequent, transactional tasks, they’re not suited for answering a broader set of customer questions, including complex questions that require a level of reasoning and summarization.

Nuance Mix Answers works in concert with the recent GPT developments as part of the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform, and complement the same capabilities in Microsoft’s low-code bot building platform, Power Virtual Agents, giving customers choice to suit their unique needs. Now, Nuance customers will also be able to take advantage of this capability right within Nuance Mix to enable bots to understand a wider range of topics and find more answers, expanding the number of engagements that can be handled through self-service. Mix, enhanced with GPT, can quickly track down domain-specific information and provide accurate, meaningful responses in a conversational way, improving the customer experience while increasing automation.

Supercharging the contact center

By augmenting our conversational AI solutions with generative AI, we’ll give our customers new ways to create even more business value in their contact centers.

Enabling customers to do more in self-service improves customer satisfaction, reduces contact center costs and increases operational efficiency. It will also free-up live contact center agents to handle high-priority cases, high-value customers, and sales opportunities, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

And by delivering smarter self-service experiences with GPT, organizations will increase first contact resolution and reduce escalation rates, even for unusual knowledge-based inquiries, so more customers can get rapid, effective responses without waiting for an agent.

The contact center AI revolution starts here

The latest developments in open AI unlock limitless potential applications, and it’s exciting to begin turning the promise of this revolutionary technology into a reality for our customers.

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