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Introducing Nuance Mix Builder that supercharges bot building with Azure OpenAI.

Microsoft and Nuance are harnessing the power of Azure OpenAI to help customer engagement leaders create even more effective conversational experiences in Nuance Mix, our conversational AI tooling platform. Let’s unpack a new GPT-enabled capability called Mix Builder, which enables teams to rapidly build bots from scratch without needing expertise in bot building—or any historical data to work from.

Last week, we unveiled conversation boosters—exciting new GPT-powered capabilities for our contact center AI solutions that will help organizations make the most of the latest advances in AI technology.

Today we are introducing Nuance Mix Builder in Nuance Mix that will make it faster and easier to create intelligent chatbots and voicebots that boost automation and customer satisfaction.

Introducing Mix Builder in Nuance Mix

Creating standout digital and voice experiences can still be intimidating for citizen developers or designers who aren’t experts in natural language and speech science, especially if they’re building from scratch .

Mix Builder changes all that. It uses GPT-3.5 technology to make it even easier to start building enterprise-grade bots and delivering conversational experiences to customers—without requiring any deep technical skills.

Bot-building usually requires an extensive conversation history to create a meaningful experience. But with the GPT technology behind Mix Builder, this means extensive conversation history is no longer necessary, and teams can create bots entirely from scratch. By simply describing a bot’s functionality in plain English, you can now build something within minutes that used to take conversation designers hours or days.

Next-level bots, built from scratch by AI

Using Mix Builder, users will be able to create new experiences simply by describing in their own words what they need the bot to do and Mix Builder immediately creates a relevant and meaningful bot using GPT.

By simply typing a conversational prompt describing what is needed, Mix can generate all the essential components for a seamless self-service experience to address examples such as paying a bill, or renewing a credit card. It uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to produce relevant conversation outlines, starter dialogs, natural language understanding (NLU) models, and training samples that match the user’s requirements to produce the scenario in the bot.

This saves time, and users can continue to build out the conversation using the powerful capabilities of Mix’s dialog tools. It’s an even more intuitive and much faster way to take a bot idea from inception to production, cutting out long, manual design and iteration processes and complex coding requirements.   

New possibilities for customer engagement leaders

One of the main reasons we’re so excited about Mix Builder is because it will open Mix’s powerful capabilities to so many more users within the business, whatever their skills.

Now, anyone from citizen developers and UX designers all the way to speech scientists and specialist software developers can share the same toolset, making it much easier to collaborate. It also means the people who are closest to customers and understand their needs best, like teams within the contact center, can start turning ideas into sophisticated solutions, without waiting for technical resources to become available.

By dramatically reducing the time from ideation to production, meeting constantly evolving customer needs suddenly becomes easier—and the potential for innovative conversational engagements grows exponentially. Bots can offer more value from the moment they’re deployed, supporting key business objectives as soon as they’re ready to say “Hello World.”

Discover how contact center AI is evolving

Mix Builder is just one of the ways emerging AI technologies are expanding what’s possible in contact centers today.

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