David Ardman
David Ardman is Senior Vice President of R&D and Conversational AI at Nuance. A technical leader who grounds his approach to innovation in real problem solving, Ardman brings with him two decades of experience running integrated product, research and development and engineering teams. He received his Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University and resides in the Montreal, Canada area.
David Ardman’s stories
Project Voice Awards 2021 LogoCalling all developers: design, develop and deploy your own conversational AI solution

As the conversational AI market is expected to grow from about $5 billion in 2020 to nearly $14 billion by 2025 – and while organizations reap significant financial benefits from these solutions – the race is on to design, develop, and deploy  AI technology to solve old problems in new and exciting ways. Technological advancements […]

omnichannel engagement DYIAvoiding the 5 hidden pitfalls of DIY customer experiences

Whose app is it anyway? We’ve seen a big shift over the last few years toward a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to customer experience. In a world where customers will abandon the interaction at the first sign of inconvenience, few enterprises have the appetite to wait for vendors to build or make changes to vital CX […]

The DIY revolution and why it matters

It has been a challenging few months for customer engagement leaders. They have seen customer traffic spike across numerous engagement channels. They have been forced to adapt to new customer expectations and demands. And they have had to completely rethink their engagement strategies. But there is one thing that’s stood out: our customers are becoming […]