David Ardman

David Ardman

Senior Vice President of R&D, Conversational AI & Security

Owning your Outcomes, Success in Conversational AI

As machine learning technologies become ubiquitous, they also become more accessible though publicly facing DIY tools and intellectual property. More organizations—whether they are banks or retail stores—are building in-house expert AI teams, and it’s creating a big DIY trend across the industry. The opportunity to own your own Conversational AI builds is powerful, but what’s even more impactful is when you can own your outcomes through smart, effective implementation.

David Ardman is Senior Vice President of R&D and Conversational AI at Nuance. A technical leader who grounds his approach to innovation in real problem solving, Ardman brings with him two decades of experience running integrated product, research and development and engineering teams. He received his Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University and resides in the Montreal, Canada area.

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