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Say hello to Dragon Professional v16, speech recognition that means business!

For many lawyers, law enforcement officers, social workers, and other professionals in document-intensive roles, Dragon speech recognition software is already an essential tool. Our latest version of Dragon Professional takes the best of the past, and builds towards an even brighter future—adding support for Windows 11, new accessibility features, and much more.

Launched over a quarter of a century ago, Nuance Dragon software remains the gold standard for busy professionals who want or need to use their voice, rather than a keyboard, to complete documentation efficiently.

Dragon Professional is designed for people who need Dragon locally installed on their devices—either because their work can take them to places where there’s limited internet access, or because they need the most fully featured solution available.

Our latest version, Dragon Professional v16, is special for several reasons—and if you’re already using Dragon, the decision to upgrade should be an easy one.

Dragon Professional v16 is optimized for Windows 11

Nuance is now a Microsoft company, and as you would expect, we’ve developed Dragon v16 to provide an outstanding experience on Windows 11 and Office 2021.

This means you can benefit from all the productivity-enhancing features of Windows 11, like Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, as well as all the productivity-enhancing features of Dragon.

If you’re still preparing to migrate to the latest Microsoft OS, don’t worry. Dragon v16 is fully compatible with Windows 10 and supports Microsoft Office versions from 2016 onwards. Just know that when you do move to Windows 11, your Dragon will be more than ready.

In the meantime, you’ll still be able to enjoy a range of new and enhanced features, including support for “Modern Comments” in Word for Microsoft 365, and commands in Microsoft Teams.

Dragon Professional v16 enhances accessibility

Professionals with individual accessibility requirements have long since chosen Dragon software as a critical tool to support them in their working lives.

We’ve designed Dragon v16 to deliver even more value for this group of users, and for any organization seeking to remove barriers to employment and hire the best person for every role.

One of the most significant changes is the ability to use the mouse grid on multiple monitors. This will make working across multiple screens much easier for many professionals, helping them to take their productivity to the next level.

Dragon v16 is built for hybrid-cloud working

Some document-intensive jobs take place in well-equipped offices, in modern cities, where getting online is never an issue. But a lot of document-intensive jobs don’t.

If you’re a law enforcement officer, insurance adjuster, or anyone else who spends a lot of time out in the field, you might lack the consistent internet access you need to take advantage of a purely cloud-hosted Dragon solution.

That’s why Dragon v16 is designed to work beautifully alongside our cloud-native solutions in a hybrid cloud environment.

It’s easy to share document templates, boilerplate text, and custom words and commands between Dragon Professional v16, Dragon Professional Anywhere, and the Dragon Anywhere mobile app for iOS and Android via the Nuance Management Center. And when you do use a cloud-native Dragon solution, you can rest assured your speech recognition data will be processed in Microsoft Azure, the world’s largest multi-terabit global network, offering 24x7x365 high availability and 256-bit encryption.

Dragon v16 is tailored to your needs

Every industry has its own vocabulary and specific speech recognition use cases. So, just like Dragon v15, v16 comes in three different forms:

  • Dragon Professional v16 is ideal for those working in banking, financial services, social services and education, and has unique accessibility functions.
  • Dragon Legal v16 is designed especially for legal practitioners, with a custom vocabulary trained on over 400 million words from legal documents. As well as having unique accessibility functions, it’s designed to help you prepare case files and briefs, and format citations.
  • Dragon Law Enforcement v16 is built for law enforcement agencies in North America. Through its custom vocabulary and commands, it helps agencies improve the speed and specificity of incident reports, while helping officers stay safe and situationally aware.

All three support the incredibly flexible PowerMic 4 (while retaining support for the PowerMic III) and add improved support for high resolution monitors. You also receive free warranty support, with video training vignettes and eLearning resources also available—ideal if you need help getting up to speed with Dragon’s many productivity-boosting features, from auto-texts to step-by-step commands.

Find out more—and get down to business with Dragon v16

If you’ve been using locally installed Dragon software for years, v16 is a powerful upgrade, and an essential one as the world moves onto Windows 11. If you’re just discovering the power of our much-loved, professional-grade speech recognition solutions—well, it’s an astonishing place to start.

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