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Facing staff and supply chain shortages and rising prices, enterprises embrace AI

A version of this article was originally published on on January 19, 2022. Enterprises face several large, global business challenges that are making it difficult to meet revenue goals and build competitive advantage. 1: Workforce shortages are damaging the customer experience There’s a growing workforce shortage problem across industries, as millions of employees reassess […]

Digital online marketing commerce sale concept. Woman using tablet payments online shopping and icon customer network connection on hologram virtual screen, m-banking and omni channel.News from F8 Refresh: we’re integrating Messenger API support for Instagram

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Intelligent Engagement Platform: Messenger API support for Instagram. Just announced at F8 Refresh, Facebook’s virtual developer conference, this API will deliver seamless integration with Messenger from Facebook, expanding the reach of Nuance’s intelligent engagement tools to Instagram. Instagram’s continued focus on professional accounts over the past […]

Female nurses working in officeSix ways your CDI technology should be working with you

AI-enabled technology combines CDI’s art and science to realize the patient’s story entirely. In this time of increased provider burnout, it’s not about asking more queries. It’s about asking a query that has a higher likelihood of impacting the organization’s bottom line. Ensure that your CDI technology is working for you and not against you […]

A culture of diversity where everyone feels welcome, heard, and valued

It is easy for a company to say it prioritizes and celebrates inclusion and diversity, but it’s another thing entirely to actually walk the talk.  Our employees are the reason Nuance is such an incredible place to work, and it is the multitude of our voices and differences of our opinions, perspectives, and experiences that […]

How to tool-up your contact center in step with Forrester’s COVID-19 response plan

For many customer service organizations, the response to COVID-19 began as a frantic sprint. But as the weeks have passed, it’s become clear this is a marathon. And as every runner knows, if you want to succeed over long distances, it pays to have a plan. Forrester Research has published a framework to provide that […]

Nuance Adds Support for Google’s Business Messages to Virtual Assistant and Live Chat Offerings

The Nuance Intelligent Engagement Platform now seamlessly integrates with Google’s Business Messages, which Google announced today, allowing organizations to extend their virtual assistant and live chat deployments to new digital channels. Google’s Business Messages let customers find and message organizations right from within specific Google products as a natural and convenient extension of their search, […]

Fraud losses are down for the telecommunications sector, but attacks are not

In the telecommunications segment, subscription fraud is where most financial losses are seen.  Each account successfully opened by a fraudster has an average loss of ~$1500, and virtually 1% of all account activations are fraud incidents for telcos. Subscription fraud occurs when a fraudster uses a stolen or synthetic identity to obtain mobile devices and […]

Nuance wins big at 2019 Stevie Awards

Digital transformation really is happening! It’s not just a pie-in-the-sky notion for an enterprise or organization to undergo digital transformation. It really does happen – and it’s happening now. Many companies don’t see the disruption headed their way, coming from those who are succeeding at transforming their businesses through digital solutions and operations. They don’t […]

Apple Business Chat momentum grows, allowing consumers to message with their favorite brands

Apple announced Tuesday a growing list of organizations who are rolling out Apple Business Chat as part of their customer engagement strategies, now allowing consumers to contact them the same easy convenient way they do their friends. As one of the Customer Service Platform (CSP) providers for Apple Business Chat, Nuance has seen growing interest […]

Almost every police officer you’ll meet joined law enforcement to protect and serve citizens. That’s our mission and goal. A major part of what we do behind-the-scenes is documenting what happened in our communities. Every word, every decision and every action can be subject to scrutiny and hindsight. Transparency is important in law enforcement, and […]