Jesper Hessius, MD

Jesper Hessius, MD

CMIO Nordic Region

The right use of skills and how to achieve better use of resources using digital tools.

Dr. Jesper Hessius (MD), CMIO Nordic Region, is a specialist physician in internal medicine and CMIO at Nuance for the Nordic region. He currently also works in the internal medicine department at Västmanland hospital in Västerås.

Jesper Hessius is a specialist physician in internal medicine. He currently works in the medical clinic at Västmanland hospital in Västerås and is also the medical director for Nuance in the Nordic countries. At the hospital, Jesper works mainly with cardiac and emergency care. He was educated at the medical school in Uppsala and did his internship and specialist training in Västerås where, he also had the task as strategic operations developer for the medical clinic with over 400 employees. Since completing his medical studies, Jesper has been running various IT projects to make work easier for employees and to improve care for patients. His interest in IT solutions led him to co-develop a clinical service evaluation tool for students, and he later co-developed the Pillerkollen project - aimed at helping patients with their medication. He has also been involved in the development of Operationskollen, a service for healthcare providers to create patient participation around surgeries which is currently used in five Swedish regions. Jesper has also served on the board of the Swedish Pharmacists Association's section on drug information.

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