Meredith Mascolo’s stories
Nuance SS11 Innovation Challenge

We rise by lifting others. Robert Ingersoll said this a long time ago and it still rings true. And it’s one of the reasons why we ran a different kind of internal hackathon from our usual product-focused event. The SS11 Innovation Challenge for Social Good leveraged Nuance employee’s creativity for social good while empowering them […]

Nuance engineers gather at Ncode

Nuance’s first engineering conference, aptly-named Ncode, took place recently in Montreal. I sat down with David Ardman, VP of Mobile Speech R&D and sponsor for the event, to hear more about it and how it all came together.   What is Ncode and why was it developed? Ncode is an internal Nuance engineering conference which focuses […]

Use these tips to set actionable and attainable goals instead of lofty New Year's resolutions

Wait – but didn’t another person just write a post about creating New Year’s resolutions on this same blog?” Yes. Let me explain what I mean. It’s natural to find ourselves caught up in the allure of a new year – a year holding new challenges, hopes, and full of promise. Don’t lose that feeling. […]

Female Nuance engineers share stories about combatting gender stereotypes in the tech industry

Earlier this month a recruitment ad in San Francisco depicting Isis Wenger, a female engineer at the company OneLogin, spurred a great deal of controversy over social media. What surprised Isis is that commenters claimed they didn’t believe the ad featured a real engineer or that she didn’t accurately portray what typical engineers look like […]