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Nuance has been focused on pioneering the Conversational AI landscape for decades. Today the world’s biggest companies are using our solutions to engage their customers, and, in any given moment, somewhere someone in the world is talking to a Nuance-enabled conversational system. Our mission since inception has been to change the way humans and machines […]

1. Your voice will be your password 2017 was a record year for hacks of personal customer details. These breaches give fraudsters access to our identities including the answers to those annoying security questions. One thing the fraudsters can’t do much with? Voice data. And that is why banks and telcos are increasingly replacing security […]

2017 will be the year businesses leverage chatbots to improve customer service.

2016 saw endless chatter about chatbots, some good and some not-so-good. The year may be remembered as “the rise of the bots.” Nuance posits that 2017 will mark “the battle of the bots” – a year which will begin to separate “good” bots from the “bad,” when some bots will succeed while others fail, and […]