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Nuance’s Intelligent Engagement AI Services Integrated with Genesys Engage

Nuance and Genesys Expand Partnership to Accelerate Digital and AI Transformation Strategies for Enterprises Worldwide.

Nuance is an industry leader in adding AI-powered customer engagement and self-service capabilities to contact center investments, spanning a broad range of partners globally. 

As a Genesys® partner, we share some of the leading brands in the world as enterprise customers. Our companies work together to enable superior customer experiences and significant business value. The Genesys and Nuance partnership has brought an amazing range of new innovations to our mutual customers – starting in 2001 by adding automated speech self-service to the IVR, in 2013 the first AI-powered digital virtual assistant for customer service and in 2018 AI biometrics to automate customer identification and verification.

Today, we deliver another innovation to enterprises worldwide – a cloud-native partnership that combines leading contact center solutions from Genesys and Nuance AI-powered intelligent engagement capabilities. 

Nuance AI-Powered Intelligent Engagement Cloud provides enterprises with a unique set of open, modular and cloud native services spanning Conversational AI, Engagement AI and Security AI solutions. This empowers customers and partners to accelerate digital and AI transformation and self-service engagement strategies while also making it easier than ever to deploy our solutions in the way that best suits their business and strategic needs – on Nuance’s Cloud, Public Cloud or Private Cloud. Most recently we announced Nuance Mix, a transformational rapid AI application development environment that allows organizations to build enterprise-scale voice and digital Conversational AI solutions themselves – in weeks.

Along with the advancements we have made within in our Intelligent Engagement solution portfolio, we have also focused on strengthening our global partner network to ensure more organizations have access to our industry-leading customer self-service capabilities. 

In support of that focus, we are pleased to be a part of the announcement Genesys made today about the unveiling of the contact center industry’s first native multicloud architecture.  The newly containerized architecture of Genesys Engage™ built using open standards enables enterprises to tailor their infrastructure, deployment and management model with unprecedented levels of flexibility, agility and choice. By integrating the Nuance Intelligent Engagement AI Cloud with Genesys Engage, organizations can deploy virtual assistants to increase levels of customer self-service, significantly reduce agent handle time through Agent AI, and leverage biometrics to automatically identify customers and detect fraud. 

With the new architecture of Genesys Engage, organizations can choose to deploy their contact center in a private cloud, public cloud, hybrid or on-premises model, and management can be through a broad set of partner organizations. This type of flexibility mirrors Nuance’s cloud-native Intelligent Engagement Cloud, resulting in a combination that puts the enterprise in control.

Genesys and Nuance are working together to provide enterprises the infrastructure and solutions that future proof enterprise customer engagement investments. If an enterprise has moved to cloud, Genesys and Nuance can support them with our growing suite of cloud-native services with a full range of cloud deployment options – public, private and hosted. We also understand that not all organizations may be ready for cloud, or prefer a hybrid approach. And that’s okay too. Our solutions can also be used on-premises or in hybrid environments.

Genesys contact center solutions and Nuance AI-powered self-service solutions will enable industry-leading customer engagement for the enterprise – from authenticating a remote agent who is logging into their workforce management system to assisting consumer who is tracking their order or executing a banking transaction. By partnering with organizations like Genesys, we turbocharge the ability of enterprises to engage intelligently with their customers – anytime and from anywhere. 

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Robert Weideman is the executive vice president and general manager of the Nuance Enterprise Division, responsible for customer self-service solutions that are used by leading organizations around the world to automate and optimize the customer care experience. Robert is driving the team behind Nina, the virtual assistant for customer service, which delivers human-like customer service for contact centers, and mobile and web apps. In his tenure with Nuance, he has been the general manager for the Dragon and Imaging businesses, as well as SVP of international marketing in EMEA. Previously, Robert served as chief marketing officer for ScanSoft, and vice president of marketing for the Adobe Systems' portfolio company Cardiff Software. He has also held senior marketing and management roles at and CA (Computer Associates). Robert holds a BS in Computer Information Systems and Software Engineering from San Diego State University.