Brett Beranek

Brett Beranek

Vice President & General Manager, Security & Biometrics

Fighting Fraud with Biometrics

In a world where there’s no such thing as a strong password and shifts in consumer habits and workplace environments put greater responsibility on the organization to keep fraud at bay, biometrics give businesses not only an unrivaled safeguard, but also an opportunity to create better customer and employee experience.

Brett Beranek is responsible for overseeing the security and biometric line of business at Nuance, a Microsoft company. In this role for the past 12 years, Beranek has brought Nuance to a leadership position in the biometric authentication and biometric fraud prevention space. A thought leader in the field of biometrics, Beranek is a frequent contributor in industry events and the media on the topic of AI technology and it’s use by the fraud community, and how society can mitigate against these evolving threats. Prior to Nuance, he held various leadership positions in the biometrics and security industry. He has earned a Bachelor of Commerce, Information Systems Major, from McGill University as well as an Executive Marketing certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management. Beranek is also a certified Master Fraud Prevention Black Belt professional.

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