Brett Beranek
Brett Beranek is responsible for overseeing every aspect of the security and biometric business at Nuance. Prior to joining Nuance, he has held over the past decade various business development & marketing positions within the enterprise B2B security software space. Beranek has extensive experience with biometric technologies, in particular in his role as a founding partner of Viion Systems, a startup focused on developing facial recognition software solutions for the enterprise market. Beranek also has in-depth experience with a wide range of other security technologies, including fingerprint biometrics, video analytics for the physical security space and license plate recognition technology. He has earned a Bachelor of Commerce, Information Systems Major, from McGill University as well as an Executive Marketing certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management.

Brett Beranek’s stories

Voice biometrics goes mainstream in Australia and New Zealand

Malicious actors have always targeted call centers, financial institutions, and customer services in a bid to steal precious information or money. Scamming has become an organized industry, where whole businesses employing hundreds of people are fully focused on deceiving not only consumers, but also call centers and customer services, by pretending to be the customer. […]

Compelling conversations: Transforming CX at National Australia Bank

Manual authentication can be a stressful process for customers and agents, adding time and effort to even the most routine interactions. At National Australia Bank (NAB), its 2,000 frontline bankers handle more than 8 million inbound calls every year. So, when the bank was looking for ways to reshape the customer experience—and take pressure off […]