Jonathon Dreyer’s stories

Intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) can be a “time bomb” if not detected and treated promptly.  The actual cost of delays can be measured in monetary terms that impact patients, families, and the health care system.  But even more importantly, the cost in terms of loss of function and loss of life can be staggering.  CuraCloud has […]

Access to accurate and early diagnosis has become key to delivering quality healthcare around the globe. In many locales, the doctor-patient ratio is low, and even more so in the case of specialized practitioners such as radiologists. In underserved and remote regions, radiologist expertise is scarce, costly, and unequally distributed. Even in developed parts of […]

As the population ages, arthritis and other musculoskeletal diseases are an increasing cause of physician visits and health care spending.  With increased prevalence comes an increased burden for rapid, precise diagnosis and staging, as well as an ability to predict future disability. Unfortunately, interpreting orthopedic images can be laborious. There is a need for standardization […]

Lung disease is among the highest causes of morbidity and mortality in the world, yet traditional imaging techniques don’t easily account for the complexity of the airway structure to make a fast, accurate diagnosis.  Due to these complexities and the increasing resolution of scanners, radiologists are challenged to review complicated reconstructions of airway trees via […]

Adding speech to secure clinical communications benefits doctors and patients

Every day, Americans send billions of text and mobile messages—and the “just text me” movement has spilled over from our personal lives to the workplace. Likewise, healthcare providers also have come to rely on text messaging to communicate with care teams and get quick answers to questions about patient care. A problem arises, however, if […]