Kenneth Harper
Kenneth Harper is the Vice President and General Manager of Nuance's Healthcare Virtual Assistants and Ambient Clinical Intelligence business. Kenn has been working in the conversational AI industry for 15+ years, helping to shape virtual assistant solutions across mobile phones, TV’s, cars, wearables, robotics, and most recently healthcare systems. Kenneth leads Nuance's Healthcare Virtual Assistant business, which leverages an advanced suite of technologies combined with purpose-built hardware to streamline interactions with the EHR and creation of clinical documentation, allowing physicians to remain 100% focused on the patient without technology getting in the way. Kenn holds a B.S. in human factors engineering from Cornell University and a M.S. in human factors from Bentley University.
Kenneth Harper’s stories
What is “cognitive load”—and how can we help clinicians manage it?

Cognitive load is a psychological theory that deals with how the human brain uses its working memory, how our ability to process information is influenced by the number of tasks we’re engaged in, and how well that flow is managed. When we encounter massive amounts of information, our short-term memory—which aids in learning and decision-making—can […]

What is ambient clinical intelligence—and how is it transforming healthcare?

What is ambient clinical intelligence? For decades, researchers have been working toward a vision of ambient intelligence, finding ways to harness cloud, advanced AI, and the Internet of Things to create more intelligent spaces that help people live and work more safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Perhaps the most important application of ambient intelligence is in […]

Heading off the physician shortage: The role ambient clinical intelligence must play

In its landmark 2016 study, the Health Resources and Services Administration estimated that, by 2025, 37 states wouldn’t have sufficient physicians to meet demand for primary care. More recent projections show that, as a nation, we’re still far from solving the problem; this summer, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) projected the United States […]

KLAS gives DAX an A in its Emerging Technology Spotlight Report

Even when you’re feeling well, a regular check-up can provide a useful insight into all the internal processes that keep your body ticking along. It helps you stay on top of your health, and gives you the opportunity to make lifestyle improvements as you go. It’s that same proactive approach that drives us to get […]

Unlocking the future of patient care with ambient clinical intelligence

As I write this, I’m in Orlando, Florida, at the conclusion of the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Expo. It’s an important annual event for us, giving us the opportunity to unveil our latest AI-driven ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) innovations, and connect with the healthcare community. At the start of the conference, I took part […]

University of Michigan Health-West restores the joy of medicine with ambient clinical intelligence

A recent HIMSS research report revealed that 98% of clinicians say they’ve experienced feelings of burnout, with 88% unsurprisingly agreeing that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly exacerbated the issue. It’s been an immensely challenging time for professionals across the healthcare sector—especially those on the frontlines. Staff shortages and unprecedented levels of demand have created some […]