Kenneth Harper

Kenneth Harper

Vice President & General Manager, Healthcare Virtual Assistants & Ambient Clinical Intelligence

Breaking Healthcare Barriers

In too many doctor’s offices, patients talk while doctors click and type their way through the encounter. The computer in the room becomes a barrier between people and the care they need. But by focusing on humans and recentering our conversation, we can break healthcare barriers with intelligent information design, digital transformation, and innovations for the future of healthcare.

Kenneth Harper is the Vice President and General Manager of Nuance's Healthcare Virtual Assistants and Ambient Clinical Intelligence business. Kenn has been working in the conversational AI industry for 15+ years, helping to shape virtual assistant solutions across mobile phones, TV’s, cars, wearables, robotics, and most recently healthcare systems. Kenneth leads Nuance's Healthcare Virtual Assistant business, which leverages an advanced suite of technologies combined with purpose-built hardware to streamline interactions with the EHR and creation of clinical documentation, allowing physicians to remain 100% focused on the patient without technology getting in the way. Kenn holds a B.S. in human factors engineering from Cornell University and a M.S. in human factors from Bentley University.

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