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Early detection and real-time medical image sharing save lives

Each year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are urged to do everything they can to screen for and detect cancer early. For women forty and older, that typically involves having an annual mammogram; but for women with dense breast tissue (around 50% of women in the US), mammography on its own is not enough. […]

The Power of Sharing Saves Lives: hospital wins battle against time for one patient’s aortic emergency

Aortic emergencies, as a category, have “one thing in common: if not diagnosed and managed in due time, they are life threatening.” Thus, responding to them effectively requires the rapid activation of a complex health ecosystem; and even when these responses are done well, the healthcare team must still battle against unfavorable mortality odds. Such […]

How to get your voice biometrics implementation right: 5 top tips from a success story

To a credit union like ours, nothing is more important than the experiences we provide to our members. Our contact center fields about 4,000 member calls every day—and every one of those callers needs to be authenticated before they can get access to their account. In the past, we used traditional knowledge-based techniques to verify […]

Speed chart completion with cloud-based speech recognition

This blog was written by Allscripts General Manager and Vice President Tina Joros. The healthcare industry is experiencing a paradigm shift from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. But even as some things change, some things stay the same. Whether treating coronavirus patients, conducting telehealth visits or resurrecting services that were put on hold due […]

Intelligent Authentication (IAuth): An Origin Story

At the turn of the century, Intelligent Authentication emerged from the same primordial goo that spawned every initiative to “Kill the Password”. The value proposition was simple: “People should not have to remember a PIN or answer a series of questions in order to carry out business over the telephone.” Spoken words were a natural […]

Forrester’s Art Schoeller on seven strategies for elevating CX today

There are few people who understand COVID-19’s impact on customer experience as well as Forrester Research’s Art Schoeller. As Principal Analyst for contact center technology, Schoeller has been in regular contact with both vendors and users since the start of the pandemic, listening to their challenges, and providing expert guidance and support. We spoke to […]

The dark fate of Terminator or how to approach advantages in AI technology

Yes, I admit it. I like the Terminator movies and I like Arnold Schwarzenegger with his monotone voice. I get all excited when he says, “I’ll be back!”, but in general I just like videos that show a glimpse into the future, even if it’s just an imagined one. I have always been passionate about […]

How was your latest trip?

Traveling usually is fun. You get to experience new things and forget about everyday worries for just a little bit. But what if the travel itself becomes the worry? Things happen – delays, technical issues, nature – all leading to interruption in your travel plans and there’s not much you can do about it. Working […]

Apple Business Chat SuggestHow Apple Business Chat can help enterprises with their call deflection goals

With iOS 13, Apple introduced a new and interesting capability for Apple Business Chat – Chat Suggest. This capability enables enterprises to connect Apple Business Chat messaging to their existing phone numbers, enabling them to seamlessly deflect calls. How does that work? If an iOS user searches for a store or the contact information of […]

Rethinking digital transformation

Many companies struggle with digital transformation. It should be so easy, though – out with the old and in with the new, correct? Well, wouldn’t that be nice! We all know that this is not how transformation works. No matter if you are a larger company, an enterprise, or a government agency, you cannot just […]

No joke: Customers don’t like chatbots

We have an enlightening infographic from Forrester Research to show you. It’s titled “Customer Service Chatbots Fail Consumers Today”. You may be wondering if this is an April Fool’s joke. You may think we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. Why talk about how customers hate chatbots? Isn’t Nuance in the “chatbot” business? Well, sort of. You […]

How to avoid the doom and gloom of a chatbot’s future

This is going to sound ironic coming from a “chatbot” vendor, but get ready for a chatbot backlash in 2019. Yes, you heard correctly. Forrester Research predicted in their report, Predictions 2019: Customer Service and Sales, that customers will lead a community-based revolt against corporate chatbots in 2019. Meaning customers will do whatever it takes […]