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When managing complex conditions, instant connections matter

This blog was contributed by Dr. Chivonne Harrigal from Personalized Imaging Consultants. Every cancer patient has their own story—and each of their treatment journeys is unique. At Personalized Imaging Consultants, we treat all our patients like they’re members of our family, dedicating ourselves to ensure they get the very best care for their unique needs. […]

How our engineers are creating an automation Center of Excellence

About the author: Gagan A Deshpande is the director of Nuance’s Service Reliability Center, Hosted Operations, Global Technology Solutions. A business leader with focus on building successful teams, service reliability, optimal customer experience, digital transformations, cloud adoptions, operational excellence, innovation & global delivery, backed by extensive 22 years of international and multi-cultural work experience. If […]

Looking back and ahead at contact center best practices

This blog post was contributed by Nuance guest blogger, Sean McCarthy, User Interface Designer at Nuance Communications. A year-and-a-half ago I described three simple steps to address COVID-19 demands in your contact center to help customers who were urgently and drastically transforming their contact centers to operate remotely in a matter of days. The third […]

Early detection and real-time medical image sharing save lives

This blog was contributed by guest blogger Mary Jo Henderson, CEO and Managing Member of HerScan, a mobile breast ultrasound screening company. Each year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are urged to do everything they can to screen for and detect cancer early. For women forty and older, that typically involves having an annual […]

Leveraging AI to improve patient safety in the emergency department

This blog was contributed by guest blogger Daniel J. Sullivan, MD, JD, FACEP from The Sullivan Group. A 2020 study by Newman-Toker, et al. identified that 15 diseases account for about half of all serious misdiagnosis-related harms. The research focused on the “Big Three” categories of vascular events, infections, and cancers and found that 10% […]

The Power of Sharing Saves Lives: hospital wins battle against time for one patient’s aortic emergency

This blog was contributed by guest blogger, Marcelo Giarelli RN MSN CCRN from Tampa General Hospital. Aortic emergencies, as a category, have “one thing in common: if not diagnosed and managed in due time, they are life threatening.” Thus, responding to them effectively requires the rapid activation of a complex health ecosystem; and even when […]

How to get your voice biometrics implementation right: 5 top tips from a success story

This blog was contributed by guest blogger, Paul Hendricks, Chief Information Officer for Virginia Credit Union. To a credit union like ours, nothing is more important than the experiences we provide to our members. Our contact center fields about 4,000 member calls every day—and every one of those callers needs to be authenticated before they […]

Intelligent Authentication (IAuth): An Origin Story

This blog was contributed by guest blogger, Dan Miller, Founder & Lead Analyst with Opus Research. At the turn of the century, Intelligent Authentication emerged from the same primordial goo that spawned every initiative to “Kill the Password”. The value proposition was simple: “People should not have to remember a PIN or answer a series […]

Forrester’s Art Schoeller on seven strategies for elevating CX today

This blog was contributed by Art Schoeller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. There are few people who understand COVID-19’s impact on customer experience as well as Forrester Research’s Art Schoeller. As Principal Analyst for contact center technology, Schoeller has been in regular contact with both vendors and users since the start of […]

Creating a bionic contact center agent

“Bionics” describes technology that is inspired by nature – similar to AI, which describes the ability of a computer to act like a human. When talking about bionic agents we don’t mean contact center agents with prosthetic arms that make them type faster, or any other physical modification of the human body. We are talking […]

My fifteen-year journey with Dragon

At only 21 years old, living with a disability in a developing country (Nairobi, Kenya), the chances that I would ever live a close to normal life seemed slim. Just before I joined University, I was involved in a road crash where I sustained a spinal-cord injury which left me quadriplegic – paralyzed from the […]

Almost every police officer you’ll meet joined law enforcement to protect and serve citizens. That’s our mission and goal. A major part of what we do behind-the-scenes is documenting what happened in our communities. Every word, every decision and every action can be subject to scrutiny and hindsight. Transparency is important in law enforcement, and […]