Intern program

Meet the 2023 Global Marketing interns

To celebrate National Intern Day, Nuance is proud to feature the experiences of four interns who spent their 2023 summer working in the Global Marketing Team.

This summer, the Nuance marketing team planned a cross-function project for the interns to collaborate on. Our mission: design a series of direct mail pieces to promote a pre-recorded webinar with the goal of driving demand for our healthcare solutions. Beyond getting the chance to contribute directly to the business, this project helped each of us to learn more about the different marketing functions within Nuance, grow as collaborators, and experience the practical elements of a campaign lifecycle from beginning to end. Learn more about us and our key takeaways below!


I’m a rising senior at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with a major in graphic design. In my free time, I love doing pottery, playing video games, and relaxing with my dog, Matzo! At Nuance, I am a summer intern on the Brand and Creative team.

This internship has allowed me to learn how to design for a large company. The Brand and Creative team is small but mighty, supporting and providing all of the company’s visual materials from web to print, so it was amazing to see the impact our team has on Nuance’s image. My projects allowed for a lot of independence, which while sometimes intimidating, provided a valuable lesson in how to structure my work and being willing to ask for help. I’m also grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the other interns on the campaign project. It taught me a lot about the importance of working collaboratively with other departments and understanding their role in the process. I was so lucky to work with so many talented and friendly people this summer, and I’m excited to apply these skills in future roles.


I’m currently entering my last semester at Bentley University as a marketing major with a minor in psychology. I love to go to the beach and hang out with friends in my free time. I also stay fit while working at Orange Theory Fitness part-time! I am a Digital Marketing Intern this summer at Nuance.

I have enjoyed my internship this summer and learned so much. Nuance does a great job at organizing weekly information sessions for interns to learn more about the company and career development opportunities. I am fortunate to have a great manager and work with a terrific team. Everyone I met at Nuance was so friendly and supportive. This internship offered the perfect balance—allowing me to work independently, but with just the right amount of guidance and structure. I’m proud to have worked on so many projects that have made a real contribution to the company. One of the best parts of this internship was getting to meet the other marketing interns and having the opportunity to work on a joint project. We all learned a lot from each other, and it helped me see how each team contributes to a project.


I am a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame, majoring in Marketing with a minor in musical theatre. Last year, I interned for Nuance in Healthcare Sales, and was delighted to return this summer and join the Solutions Marketing team. At school, I work on production and merchandising for a student-run magazine. In my free time I love thrift shopping, singing and playing piano, and spending time with my friends and dog, Rocket.

I believe in the power and necessity of marketing to do great business. Whether it’s brainstorming new product messaging or specifying key features in a social media post, the diligence within the marketing centers of excellence at Nuance is truly something to behold. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a hardworking, creative, and friendly group. Last summer, I learned a lot about myself, Nuance, and the concept of professional life. This year, I was able to get more involved in different types of work [JA1] and better understand audience needs and message development. Both of my internships were customer focused, but in very different ways. I’m grateful to have participated in conversations, worked on marketing projects, and collaborated with other teams, especially throughout the campaign with the other marketing interns. It’s taught me a valuable lesson–you learn the most when you expose yourself to as many fields and as many different types of people and professions as you can. In the future, I hope to continue to make the most of every opportunity!


I’m a rising senior at Northwestern University studying communications, data science, and integrated marketing. When I’m not in class, I lead a tutoring program for students in Chicago Public Schools. I also love to cook and spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors. This is my second summer with Nuance as the Corporate Communications and Customer Engagement intern.

In my second internship with Nuance, I was determined to grow as a leader. Last summer, I thought I didn’t know enough about Nuance to take on a leadership role. After all, it was my first corporate internship and that felt like a big responsibility – it was intimidating! But then I remembered the great advice Nancy Scott, VP of Global Communications, gave me during a one-on-one. She said, “Leadership is a choice.” So, I took the initiative to set up weekly meetings with the other marketing interns so we could share and learn more about each other’s roles and projects. This had nothing to do with the extent of my knowledge about Nuance, proving that no matter how new and inexperienced you are, you can choose to be a leader. This summer, I continued to host weekly intern meetings and expanded efforts to include other interns in my projects whenever possible. I found that learning together is a lot more fun and fulfilling than learning alone. Plus, I think the best leaders are those that fully understand the strengths of those around them.  

Lessons Learned

We are all very different people, from varying geographical locations, and with distinct academic backgrounds, so we all had something unique to offer to the success of our collective campaign project. Today, we have a better understanding of our respective functions and appreciate the need to consider and value how different skill sets and perspectives can only enhance the quality of our work—and our growth as professionals.