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Nuance at Customer Contact Week 2023: Make every customer engagement count

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We can’t wait to attend this year’s Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas and showcase some of the latest innovations in customer engagement AI. See what we have planned for this year, including exclusive first-look demos of our recently announced GPT-powered features in Nuance Mix, and an expert-led workshop with Jackson exploring the future of digital transformation.

We’ve all had to change how we engage with our customers in recent years. Increased call volumes, higher levels of fraud, and greater levels of agent fatigue have driven almost every brand to rethink its customer engagement strategies and adapt to a new, digital-first environment.

But we want to help organizations like yours take a step away from the day-to-day firefighting and explore what’s really possible in the future of customer service. In an AI-powered future, you can create effortless, personalized experiences for your customers every time they engage with you—all while keeping their accounts secure and your agents satisfied.

Join us at Customer Contact Week 2023 as we discuss some of the exciting AI innovations that will power customer engagements over the next few years.

Here are a few of the key highlights you can expect from Microsoft + Nuance at the largest annual CX industry show:

1. Experience the latest AI-powered CX solutions

We’ll be bringing some of our most exciting innovations, and offering you the chance to see what you can achieve with them firsthand. You’ll be able to experience exclusive demos, including:

  • Mix Builder and Mix Answers, GPT-powered Copilot features in Nuance Mix

With the recently announced Mix Builder, customer engagement teams can rapidly build bots from scratch in Nuance Mix—our conversational AI tooling platform—all without any bot-building expertise or historical data. Powered by GPT capabilities, users can create new customer journeys simply by describing the features they need in their own words. Then Mix Builder immediately generates all the essential components for a self-service bot.

Expanding on Nuance Mix even further, Mix Answers is another GPT-powered Copilot feature that enables bots to understand a broader range of topics and find more answers. You’ll see how it helps increase the number of engagements handled through self-service—and empower you to start building smarter, more helpful bots.  

  • Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform

Discover how we’ve combined the capabilities of Nuance’s solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams to create a single platform for complete omnichannel engagement. We’ll showcase how the platform can enable you to engage with your customers through voice, video, and digital channels, and help you create high levels of automation for innovative customer and agent experiences.  We will demonstrate the various “onramps” to the Digital Contact Center Platform highlighting the many different ways you can get started.

  • Nuance Gatekeeper

Nuance Gatekeeper is constantly evolving, and this year, we’re excited to be showing off how it’s tackling one of the latest advancements in fraud attacks: synthetic voices. As a new generation of deepfakes attempt to circumvent biometric authentication mechanisms, Nuance Gatekeeper will be able to detect 99% of synthetic voices and stop fraudsters in their tracks.

2. Join us at our workshop with Jackson National Life Insurance Co

We’re not attending CCW alone. Muhammad Shami, Vice President of Enterprise Technology at Jackson, and Jaime Wilson, AVP, Digital Strategists at Nuance, are joining us for an in-depth workshop to discuss what digital transformation, AI, and the cloud mean for providing modern customer experiences.

Join us on Wednesday, June 21 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PT in Workshop D, where we’ll explore the digital transformation initiatives CX leaders are prioritizing today.

The panel will look back at some of the most challenging obstacles organizations have faced in recent years—from agent fatigue to the rising complexity in customer engagements—and look ahead to the potential solutions on the horizon. They’ll unpack how innovative AI capabilities like GPT are helping to create smarter customer engagements, and how technologies like biometric authentication are helping to create more secure experiences.

You’ll also get the chance to see how the cloud is helping businesses across every sector drive true omnichannel CX.

3. Visit us at our booth (701) to discuss your customer engagement strategy

One of the best parts about attending CCW is speaking to customer engagement leaders from a wide range of industries to hear the challenges they’re facing. We’ll be at booth 701 all weekend, so don’t forget to stop by and discuss your CX strategy with us—and see what’s possible in the AI-powered future of customer engagement.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s CCW event. Don’t hesitate to book some time with us.

Tony Lorentzen

About Tony Lorentzen

Tony has more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector, spending the last 17 with Nuance where he is currently the SVP of Intelligent Engagement Solutions within the Enterprise Division. Before that he served as the leader of several teams at Nuance including Sales Engineering, Business Consulting, and Product Management. A proven leader in working with the cross-functional teams, Tony blends his in-depth knowledge of business management, technology and vertical domain expertise to bring Nuance’s solutions to the Enterprise market, partnering with customers to ensure implementations drive true ROI. Prior to Nuance, Tony spent time at Lucent and Verizon where he led teams that applied the latest technologies to solve complex business issues for large enterprises. Tony received a B.S. from Villanova University and a MBA from Dowling College.