Why Daylight Saving Time has me thinking of documentation productivity

Like everyone this past weekend, I switched my clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time, which, if you didn’t know, started in the early 1900s to conserve energy. For me, this got me thinking about gaining an hour of time during the day, but also losing an hour of sleep. Which then got me thinking about something I always think about – how can I help our customers optimize their time.

The value people and organizations alike place towards time, often over other things, material or otherwise, is interesting.  A pew survey conducted a few years back actually indicated that most individuals would rather have more time than money. This is probably nothing new to those juggling work, family and other priorities.

While money can’t buy back time, an investment towards the right digital tools can certainly help save it. For the document-intensive industries we work with, from financial services, legal to law enforcement, time IS money, which means they’re always searching for ways to gain efficiencies and improve productivity.

There is good news for these and other organizations, with countless documentation productivity and workflow solutions available to help professionals within these industries, who can spend upwards of 50% of their workday on paperwork, improve documentation and time management.

And this time savings correlates to other important outcomes well beyond cost savings: for law enforcement, less time spent on paperwork means more time within our communities; for financial services, shifting away from heavy documentation means more focus on managing clients’ short-term and long-term financial goals; and for legal, less time spent on case management and other legal documentation is more time placed towards client service.

Whichever way you plan on spending that extra hour of daylight on, hopefully, it won’t be consumed by paperwork.

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