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How law firms can use technology like Dragon Legal Anywhere to attract the best talent

Many legal firms embrace modern technologies to become more efficient and effective, and to ensure their people can respond well to client needs by working with the right information at the right time. Ultimately this is about the firm’s ability to thrive: profitability is paramount, and whether technology is supporting a legal team within a […]

Facing staff and supply chain shortages and rising prices, enterprises embrace AI

A version of this article was originally published on on January 19, 2022. Enterprises face several large, global business challenges that are making it difficult to meet revenue goals and build competitive advantage. 1: Workforce shortages are damaging the customer experience There’s a growing workforce shortage problem across industries, as millions of employees reassess […]

Recommended viewing: The Fintech Show’s biometrics special

We love talking about biometric security. So, we were delighted to contribute to The Fintech Show’s recent episode on biometrics in finance. Also featured are Fergal Coburn of Allied Irish Bank (AIB), and David Crawford from NatWest, telling their banks’ biometric authentication stories. You can watch the episode right now, or learn a little more […]

How to tool-up your contact centre in step with Forrester’s COVID-19 response plan

In high-pressure circumstances, today’s contact centre leaders are making technology decisions that will shape customer experience for years to come. With its COVID-19 technology response framework, Forrester Research has provided a roadmap for customer service organisations looking to establish business continuity in the short-term, while planning for the post-pandemic future. We share some of the […]

clinician burnoutAn interview with Dr Simon Wallace on clinician burnout

Dr Simon Wallace is the Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) of Nuance’s Healthcare division in the UK and Ireland.  This is an abridged version of an interview with Dr Simon Wallace filmed by HIMSS TV earlier this year (before the COVID-19 pandemic).  The full 10min video is available to watch here. Why has clinical documentation […]

How to tool-up your contact center in step with Forrester’s COVID-19 response plan

For many customer service organizations, the response to COVID-19 began as a frantic sprint. But as the weeks have passed, it’s become clear this is a marathon. And as every runner knows, if you want to succeed over long distances, it pays to have a plan. Forrester Research has published a framework to provide that […]

How the finance sector can find the freedom to work differently

Finance and insurance companies face challenges in the current situation just like many other organizations. In addition to keeping on top of workloads, organizations in these sectors must meet sector-specific regulations and compliance requirements. With teams working from home, some processes take longer, it is not always easy to manage workflows as well as in […]

Nuance speech recognition solutions supporting clinicians in the UK NHSHow Nuance Dragon Medical is supporting the UK NHS during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As Dr Simon Wallace described in his latest blog; digital technology is playing a crucial role in supporting the UK National Health Service (NHS) during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The NHS is quickly developing digital strategies in response to the pandemic and speech recognition solutions are increasingly a key component of these plans. By utilising front-end […]

Tackle the technology of document production with cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere

Let’s face it, if you run a legal firm the last thing you want to spend time on is managing the back-office technology that is so vital to your work. Keeping software licenses up to date, installing patches and updates, fixing glitches, sorting out networking issues, updating hardware so it can keep up with the […]

Reviewing document productivity strategy can give legal firms a boost

Legal firms have to juggle a heavy workload with little room for slippage. Clients are all important. They need to be responded to quickly, and casework documentation needs to be thorough, accurate and produced in a timely fashion. Meanwhile all the non client-facing work has to be done as well. It’s a never ending round. […]