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Dragon Speech Recognition is moving to the cloud. Here’s what it means for the legal sector.

This year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our speech recognition software, Dragon. When we debuted Dragon at the World Trade Center in NYC, speech recognition was just starting to take off, and people in every industry were beginning to realize its potential. Now, a quarter of a century later, speech recognition and dictation solutions […]

Accelerating Emergency Department documentation with AI in Mackay

We’ve all heard about the queues of ambulances outside Emergency Departments (EDs) across the country. It’s a worrying sight for patients and clinicians alike, and anyone who works in an ED will recognise the main causes of the problem. Overwhelmed by patient numbers, wards often don’t have room to admit new patients, so people who […]

Mackay Base Hospital gives clinicians more time to care with clinical artificial intelligence

Mackay Hospital and Health Service serves around 180,000 people in a range of regional, community, and rural settings in Queensland. One of these settings—Mackay Base Hospital—is the referral hospital for the region, seeing around 271,000 outpatient visits and caring for more than 81,200 people in its Emergency Department each year. To help it provide the […]

Why are super funds switching to biometric authentication?

After the successes we’ve seen Australian banks and government departments achieve with our solutions, we’re very excited about our new partnership with QMV, a financial services consultancy that advises superannuation funds on technology investments. By combining our customer engagement and security innovations with QMV’s expertise in super fund operations and technology, we’ll be able to […]

omnichannel engagement DYIConversational AI: How does it fit into your customer experience strategy?

With the increasing sophistication of voice technologies, organisations in Australia and New Zealand are looking to explore and understand their potential to optimise processes, costs, and revenue. One in five Australian businesses report having a formal voice strategy in place, following a report from global consultancy Cognizant, and research from Ecosystm found that 48% of […]