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Mitigating risk in a world of home working

Organisations always have to consider risks and how they would handle them if they became real rather than just a list of possibilities. The current situation has meant many organisations have had to act quickly and decisively to manage and mitigate risks they might never have really thought they would have to face. A strong technology backbone has a vitally important role to play in this, and I am proud to say that Dragon Professional Anywhere can form part of that backbone.

Managing risk is something organisations have to do day in, day out. Every organisation will have its own risk management strategy, whatever its size or area of work. The definition of ‘risk’ is broad and deep, and it’s not all about legal compliance by any means.  For example, I’m sure everyone reading this has addressed these questions:

  • What will we do if the internet becomes unavailable
  • How will we meet contractual obligations if many staff are away from work
  • How do we retain our best people and keep their skills relevant and up to date

And I expect plenty of other questions came to mind as you read that short list.

The advent of COVID-19 has made a number of risks alarmingly real for many of us, and perhaps plans have had to be put in place really quickly to enable a workforce to work from home, with learning as you go and considerable development to adapt to a new situation. It won’t have been easy.

When it comes to times like those we are in now, it’s important to take a calm and considered approach to how you handle the challenge of remaining operational, and how you manage and mitigate the risks associated with that. Perhaps some areas of work need to change dramatically, perhaps some need to be put on pause for a while. Perhaps people involved in some activities can be reallocated to others.

It is a real help to have a strong technology backbone. That’s where a tool like Dragon Professional Anywhere can punch above its weight.

As a cloud based service that can run on thin or virtual clients, it is a low bandwidth, low computing resource solution that can be used anywhere there is an internet connection be that fixed line or mobile broadband. We manage the cloud implementation so that your IT teams are freed up for other tasks. They don’t need to worry about security patches, for example. Taking care of data security is our job – and that includes providing 256 bit data encryption.

In the end, organisations want to be able to remain as productive as they can be at times like these, with their workforce widely spread working from home, and manage risks that might prevent that as easily as possible. I’m proud to say Dragon Professional Anywhere can play its part.

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