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During a recent webinar, I participated on a panel focused on implementing a strong data privacy strategy to make a business more resilient. While preparing for the panel I considered different ways companies can leverage their privacy and compliance programs to enable business agility and the ability to respond quickly. I realized that good governance around data privacy is inextricably intertwined with the ability of any business to be successful.

What’s Good Data Governance?

Good data governance is not just a tick box to meet the requirements of any given standard or law like HIPAA or GDPR – it’s at the heart of a well-run business that wants to excel at what it does. The right processes and systems must already be in place to meet ever-changing challenges. Today we not only expect but we require our information to be handled in a responsible manner. This can only be achieved by closely managing the sum total of data.

My fellow panelists were experts in providing privacy counsel to companies to help them build sound privacy and security programs. Although managing data privacy can be a challenge, getting past that hurdle reveals the true value of a robust privacy program: its ability to help the business succeed.

Nuance manages data consistently by effectively utilizing responsible and accountable data owners, stewards, and custodians across the data lifecycle. Beyond a good data governance program, our Code of Conduct and Ethics encourages stakeholders to transparently raise questions or concerns so that we can engage in a conversation to benefit and educate us all.

Good Data Governance Helped Us Pivot Fast

An example of how good data governance supported our own business at Nuance became apparent during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nuance was able to work with our clients to quickly respond to an extreme change in their business requirements. This involved preparing Kindness Offerings in the form of free licenses and customer support for our Healthcare customers while moving fast to support an entirely remote workforce.

I truly believe this was not only possible because of our extraordinary operational teams, but also because Nuance has invested in the processes and systems to provide good data governance that allowed us to rapidly pivot and expand our services during an unprecedented situation.

I’m proud of the way Nuance invests in good data governance and the security controls behind it to make sure business and personal information is kept protected and private and I know we will continue to do so for ourselves and our stakeholders.

Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Nuance Communications, Inc., its affiliates, or its employees.

Jean Liu
About Jean Liu

Jean Liu, Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, Nuance. Jean Liu joined Nuance in 2019 as Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer where she leads the development and implementation of data privacy policies and practices designed to ensure that customer and business data, including personal health information, is closely governed and privacy is maintained. Jean has more than 27 years of experience leading compliance and privacy programs and most recently served as Chief Privacy Officer, Assistant General Counsel, and Director of Regulatory Compliance at MultiPlan, a health insurance services provider. Jean previously held senior positions at Accretive Health, U.S. Foods, and Aon Corporation. Jean holds a J.D. from the Loyola University of Chicago School of Law and a B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Jean is a member of the Massachusetts, Illinois, and Federal Bar Associations.