Calum Cunningham
Calum has joined Nuance as SVP and GM of the Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging business, where he leads all aspects of strategy and performance of the core Diagnostic Imaging portfolio. Calum is a proven leader with a successful track record for developing winning healthcare strategies. He applies his knowledge and experience to build deep relationships with customers, working to meet the industry's everchanging needs and further expand Nuance’s position in the broader diagnostics ecosystem.
Calum Cunningham’s stories
Buyer beware: Five tough questions to ask your imaging AI vendor

Many imaging AI vendors claim to provide solutions that offer simple, seamless integration with other systems, and lightning-fast implementation times of just a few days—or even a few hours.  For example, if you’re looking for solutions to track incidental findings and manage patient follow-up, you’ll find many bold claims that vendors can capture these findings […]

SIIM 2022 roundup: Turning advanced AI into real-world radiology solutions

It was great to see the imaging informatics community come together at the SIIM 2022 conference recently to share experiences and ideas that will help define the future of imaging in healthcare. I was also excited to meet many of our customers at the event and discuss their successes, new challenges, and emerging opportunities to […]