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SIIM 2022 roundup: Turning advanced AI into real-world radiology solutions

It's clear that there’s a growing need for AI-powered radiology solutions that connect the point-of-read to the point-of-care. The presentations and discussions at this year’s SIIM conference reinforced just that—how AI can redefine radiology workflow to help providers improve the quality and accessibility of care.

It was great to see the imaging informatics community come together at the SIIM 2022 conference recently to share experiences and ideas that will help define the future of imaging in healthcare. I was also excited to meet many of our customers at the event and discuss their successes, new challenges, and emerging opportunities to do even more with AI-powered radiology solutions.

It was obvious from the keynote speakers, roundtable sessions, and the one-to-one conversations I had that the big question in the industry is, “How do we get the most value from AI in radiology?”

The answer is becoming clearer as the informatics imaging community continues to harness the power of advanced AI to deliver practical applications that provide measurable value for radiologists, downstream care teams, and patients. Nuance and Microsoft are at the forefront of this evolution, with a diagnostic portfolio that delivers more meaningful, consumable, and actionable AI-driven insights throughout the patient journey.

Defining the future of AI-powered radiology solutions

My colleague Sander Kloet, Senior Director of Product Management, gave a fascinating talk on how a unified, AI-powered platform puts this into action by providing simplified access and connectivity to AI services with intelligent workflow integration. This platform approach delivers the right AI at the right time, minimizes repetitive and mundane tasks, prioritizes key clinical findings, and ultimately helps to improve patient care. AI-generated insights from diagnostic imaging supports earlier diagnosis and more informed treatment decisions while improving operating efficiency and throughput.

By using AI to unlock diagnostic insights and deliver them in an actionable form to providers, we can enter a world where precision medicine is delivered at scale and at a lower cost—while at the same time making life easier for radiologists and care providers and improving patient outcomes.

Celebrating customer successes

It was also great to hear success stories from Nuance customers at the conference.

Stacie Barnard, Director at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), explained how her team integrated Nuance PowerShare with Epic to streamline imaging access for referring and ordering providers. Now providers have instant access to imaging while remaining in the patient chart. URMC has created a much more efficient workflow for care teams, enabling downstream providers to make better-informed care decisions and accelerate time to treatment.

In another session, Luke Shipman, PowerShare Product Director, did a fantastic job standing in for Becky Learn, VP of Service Delivery at Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE). IHIE operates the largest inter-organizational clinical data repository in the US, with information on more than 18 million patients accessed by more than 50,000 providers across Indiana. It’s now using cloud-based image sharing to bring a more efficient workflow to radiologists and providers, with on-demand, single-click access to images. Patient images are now just a click away for clinicians, and it’s taking IHIE 94% less time to retrieve imaging studies.

A bright future for diagnostic imaging

With more patients and fewer radiologists, it’s no wonder that burnout is increasing. But with AI-powered radiology solutions showcased at SIIM 2022, we can redefine workflow to conquer burnout—and provide faster access to better quality care.

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