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Clinicians implementing better technology solutions to improve notes and spend more time with patient

When I see a patient, I try to give them my undivided attention, looking, listening, evaluating hundreds of small nuances as well as bigger signs to  properly understand what might be going on and more importantly how to  fix it. Unfortunately, there is too much being pushed into that short visit, which is usually under […]

As an emergency department physician, it was no surprise to me when a study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine cited that ED physicians spend 43% of their time entering data into a computer or about 4,000 clicks in a 10-hour shift. It’s a challenge to balance time spent with patients and the mountain […]

Better clinical documentation leads to better patient care

I’ve been a physician for nearly 15 years, and have seen the tides of change affect healthcare and the practice of medicine.  It is not an easy job, and regulations are not making it any easier.  Working in emergency department, I deal with a roulette of acute health crises on a daily basis, the least […]