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Speech recognition adoption made simple with Dragon Medical One

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You may think that advanced, AI-powered speech recognition comes with a steep learning curve, weeks of optimization, or a lengthy implementation timeline—but we’ve worked hard to ensure it’s as simple as possible to get started with Dragon Medical One. With our cloud infrastructure, user-friendly interface, and purpose-built healthcare workflows, you will see value in a matter of hours, not months.

If I asked you why you don’t use speech recognition in your everyday documentation, what would your answer be?

A common concern we hear is about the setup involved before adopting a new tool. Many clinicians worry that they don’t have the time to implement a new system and get up to speed alongside their patient workload.

And that’s no surprise; the past few years of healthcare digitalization have piled on the new technologies clinicians are expected to use.

These new systems are usually accompanied by lengthy implementation timelines that can disrupt practices for weeks or even months as they’re deployed and optimized. I’ve been the clinician in this scenario—and I know how frustrating this can be on top of the immense pressure of caring for patients and managing your administrative duties.

Speech recognition and conversational AI can be significant timesavers in clinical environments, taking the familiar convenience of dictation to a new level. And because it’s so valuable for the clinician experience, we’ve worked hard to make our solutions easy to adopt and use.

Dragon Medical One, our conversational AI workflow assistant and clinical documentation companion, is designed for practicality. Purpose-built for clinical environments, it’s ready to support you from the moment it’s downloaded —with straightforward installation.

That means it’s far easier and faster to get started with speech recognition than you might expect—and you’ll see results in no time. Here’s how:

Simple installation

With Dragon Medical One, deployment is just a simple installation that you can launch with a single click. And with AI technology hosted in the cloud, your IT team doesn’t have to worry about maintaining a bulky speech engine on premise.

Cloud-based flexibility

There are further benefits to Dragon Medical One being based in the cloud. To start, you won’t need to set up a different profile on every device and workstation you use, so there are no barriers to productivity. Your settings and profile are stored securely in Microsoft Azure, which means your personalized workflow follows you wherever your schedule takes you.

And your IT team can rest easy, as all updates are completed automatically to ensure you’re always working with the latest version of Dragon.

No voice-profile training

Legacy speech recognition tools often required complex onboarding and extensive training for clinicians to get the most value out of them. With Dragon Medical One, we have greatly reduced the time and effort to become proficient.

Our AI-powered speech engine is up to 99% accurate from first use—with automatic accent detection built in—which means you don’t need to spend hours teaching Dragon to understand your voice. And because it’s purpose-built for clinical workflows, Dragon instantly recognizes even the most complex medical terminology.

“Unlike earlier speech recognition tools, there’s little to no training required, and the accuracy is extremely high right away. Dragon Medical One gets nearly all podiatry terms right, which aren’t mainstream medical terms, without any training. It really has been pretty impressive.”

Michael C. McGlamry D.P.M., FACFAS, Forsyth Foot & Ankle Associates

Highly integrated

With more than 200 native EHR integrations, including compatibility with Epic, Cerner, and MEDITECH, Dragon Medical One slots directly into your workflow. We’ve designed commands and templates for several of the major web and mobile EHR apps to give you a fully connected and highly productive experience.

And elsewhere on your desktop, you can use Dragon Medical One to dictate anywhere there’s a flashing cursor—such as Microsoft Word and Outlook—so you can document and communicate outside your EHR with ease too.

Built for productivity

To make onboarding even easier, Dragon Medical One also features pre-defined voice commands that you can use to navigate and dictate into your EHR, such as “new paragraph” to keep your notes easy to read or “scratch that” to delete your last sentence.

Once you’re up to speed, it’s simple to set up your own personalized efficiency measures, with options to build custom blocks of AutoTexts and multi-step workflows that you can trigger with a single voice command.

Experts on hand

Alongside our EHR partners and resellers, we’ve helped thousands of clinicians implement our solutions, so we know all the tips and tricks that help you make the most of Dragon Medical One from your first day with it.

With our help, you can be navigating your EHR and dictating your clinical notes with Dragon Medical One confidently in under an hour—and you’ll quickly make that time back, as using speech recognition can save you up to two hours per shift.

What makes Dragon Medical One stand out is that it works reliably; it frees our minds to focus completely on our patients. We’re faster, more accurate, and more satisfied at the end of the day.”

Dennis Dey, MD, Neurologist, and Practice Owner, ProActive Pain and Neurology

Simplicity at every stage

With so many features designed to make using Dragon Medical One simple, we wanted to make procuring it as easy as possible too.

That’s why we’ve launched our new ecommerce option, so you can take the first steps on your journey simply by selecting a plan and clicking “buy now”. With options to pay up front or monthly, it’s ideal for smaller practices and solo practitioners, streamlining the procurement process and making it quicker and easier to start with Dragon Medical One than ever before.

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Explore the benefits of speech recognition and conversational AI—and see how you’re just a few clicks away from a fresh approach to productivity.

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Dr. Reid Conant

About Dr. Reid Conant

Dr. Reid Conant is a chief medical information officer for Nuance’s Healthcare division. Dr. Conant has provided medical direction and leadership to his hospital through the deployment and optimization of CPOE and physician documentation solutions. Prior to Nuance, Dr. Conant served as the president and founder of Conant and Associates, Inc. which was acquired by Nuance in 2014. For more than eight years, CAI assisted well over 200 organizations, and trained over 10,000 providers on physician documentation solutions. Dr. Conant is an actively practicing board-certified emergency physician and Chief Medical Information Officer of Tri-City Emergency Medical Group in Oceanside, CA. He earned a B.S. in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego and earned an M.D at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University.