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News from F8 Refresh: we’re integrating Messenger API support for Instagram

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We’re expanding our Intelligent Engagement Platform to include Messenger API support for Instagram, giving businesses a new way to deliver seamless, personalized customer service experiences through Messenger from Facebook.

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Intelligent Engagement Platform: Messenger API support for Instagram. Just announced at F8 Refresh, Facebook’s virtual developer conference, this API will deliver seamless integration with Messenger from Facebook, expanding the reach of Nuance’s intelligent engagement tools to Instagram.

Instagram’s continued focus on professional accounts over the past few years, including branded stories and shoppable posts, is helping businesses turn communities into customers. And with 90% of people on Instagram following at least one business account, and two thirds of users agreeing that Instagram enables interactions with brands, Instagram Messaging is the perfect channel for engaging with those customers. Messaging is particularly valuable for the retail industry as convenient and conversational interactions can help consumers move quickly through the buying journey, converting browsing into sales. 

As your Instagram audience continues to grow, so will their expectations for their inbox—they’ll be looking for the same level of service they get through your other contact channels. Whether it’s a casual product inquiry or a specific question about an order, businesses need to be confident they can deliver personalized support at scale through Instagram messaging. So how can you make that happen?

Launching soon: Messenger API for Instagram

Our integration with the Messenger API for Instagram means you can use the Nuance Intelligent Engagement Platform to continue building strong connections with your customers, through the channels that matter to them. It expands omnichannel engagement to a new audience of digital-savvy customers, so you can deliver the same complete, connected brand experience on Instagram as you do everywhere else.

“We are delighted that Nuance’s Intelligent Engagement Platform is integrating with our Messenger API. The Messenger API for Instagram is now available for all developers who make it possible for brands to improve and enhance messaging experiences with customers,” said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger. “By integrating the Messenger API for Instagram, businesses and developers can effectively scale messaging workflows to better own the customer experience and build more authentic relationships.”

The Intelligent Engagement Platform’s integration with Messenger API for Instagram can extend your AI-enhanced customer service experiences to messaging on Instagram, creating new opportunities for live and virtually assisted conversations with your customers. Far from operating in its own silo, with API integration your Instagram messaging can pull in contextual data from your other channels and systems to create a streamlined, personalized interaction. This gives your agents all the information they need to handle high volumes of messages quickly and effectively, for higher resolution and satisfaction.

Intelligent interactions with the Intelligent Engagement Platform

This new API addition joins our ever-expanding support offering for business messaging platforms, which recently earned us the top rating in the Opus Research’s Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants for the fourth year running.

Our Intelligent Engagement Platform is already helping organizations around the world reach their customers using contextual, personalized messaging—through third-party apps and proprietary channels alike.

Messaging is a powerful channel for satisfying support, transactions, customer outreach, and sales conversion. With our integration with the Messenger API support for Instagram, messaging continues to grow as a compelling option for customers and businesses. What could you achieve with intelligent messaging at scale for Instagram?

To learn more about the Nuance Intelligent Engagement platform, please click here.

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