Dr Simon Wallace
Dr Simon Wallace is the Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) of Nuance’s Healthcare division in the UK and Ireland. Simon has worked as a GP, hospital and public health doctor in Brighton and London. His interest in health informatics began in the 90s when he spent a year at the King's Fund investigating the impact of the internet on shared decision making between patients and their healthcare professional. For the past 15 years, he has worked for a range of organisations including Bupa, Dr Foster, Cerner Corporation and GSK across a range of technologies which include electronic patient records, telemedicine, mobile health and lifestyle devices. Simon has a keen interest in the voluntary sector, recently completing a 7 year term as a Trustee for Fitzrovia Youth in Action, a children and young people’s charity based in London.
Dr Simon Wallace’s stories
How the pandemic is still affecting clinicians’ wellbeing—and where AI-powered speech recognition can help

There’s no doubt the pandemic put immense pressure on every healthcare organisation, growing the workloads of already-busy clinicians. In some cases, the pressure pushed clinicians to the state of burnout for the first time in their careers. The 2022 International Council of Nurses study reported that nurses “have been at greater risk, and are more […]

Exploring the future of Telehealth and virtual care in Australia

Since it was first introduced in 2011, the Australian government’s Telehealth initiative has been helping patients across the country engage with clinicians and access a wide range of care services remotely. But, up until 2020, both patient uptake and the number of active use cases for Telehealth remained relatively low. That was, until the COVID-19 […]

How the cloud can drive Australia’s digital health transformation

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of healthcare, where a combination of major events and trends are deeply impacting the industry. In a recent study we conducted among 1,000 Australian patients earlier this year, more than one in four respondents (27%) said they are ready to turn away from face-to-face appointments as […]

How organisations are preventing healthcare burnout with sustainable digital transformation

For many healthcare providers, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation, forcing them to rapidly find new ways to deliver their vital services. The result for healthcare practitioners—already working in a time of widespread healthcare burnout—was often another new challenge, and even greater stress. Now, more and more providers are heeding the WHO’s timely call to […]

As nurses raise their voices, research shows they’re overloaded

Nurses understand the importance of their work like no one else. So when nursing professionals make the decision to take industrial action, as many Australian nurses did this month, it’s hard to underestimate the strength of feeling involved. And those ICU nurses (one of whom had the message “On strike – Burnout” written on her […]

clinician burnout98% of clinicians say they’ve experienced feelings of burnout. But how would they prevent it?

For years now, pressure on the world’s healthcare professionals has been mounting—with aging populations, increased documentation requirements, and then a global pandemic.  In this new study, HIMSS and Nuance explored the impact on clinicians in several countries around the world. It found that—while causes and levels may differ—clinician burnout is an almost universal experience.  98% of those who participated in Nuance and HIMSS’ online survey said they had experienced feelings of burnout. When asked about the impact […]

Radiologist using speech recognitionThe benefits of speech-enabling the Epic EMR with Dragon Medical One

Nuance recently hosted a webinar, which looked at the benefits of speech-enabling the Epic EMR with Dragon Medical One. If you missed it, here is what was discussed. Dr Brian Zimmerman – Nuance CMIO and a physician working at an Epic hospital in Ohio – opened up proceedings by giving audience members a live demonstration […]

Conquering the paperwork mountain in mental health

According to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, 10.6% of the Australian population received Medicare-subscribed mental health-specific services in 2018-2019, increasing from 5.7% in 2008-2009. More recently, the demand for mental health support has been compounded by the prevalence of COVID-19 as Australians deal with the impacts of the pandemic. With calls to Beyond […]

A look at how technology can help tackle healthcare staff burnout

Burnout among healthcare staff continues to be a challenge. “Emotional exhaustion, elements of depersonalisation and feelings of reduced personal accomplishment … [often leading to] negative effects on patient care, increased errors, decreased self-worth and care,” said Charles Alessi, chief clinical officer at HIMSS, as he described the feeling and impact of burnout on healthcare professionals, […]

Digital Health Australia, documentating care in the EMRAustralian digital healthcare from the front line

Like other countries across the world, healthcare in Australia has reams of clinical documentation. Recent estimates for 2015-16 suggest that there were 10.6 million discharge summaries, 28 million outpatient reports/letters and 2.2 million procedure notes. But is it in a digital format that is useful? The digital health EMR tools only work if their engine room […]

Australian digital health strategy ready to onboard speech recognition?Can speech recognition be a magic bullet for the digitisation of Australia healthcare?

  Australia digital health from the front line Australia has published a comprehensive national digital health strategy with seven strategic priority outcomes spearheading the drive to meet both the clinical and financial challenges of delivering and sustaining a complex 21st century healthcare system. Tim Kelsey, once of NHS fame, now Chief Executive of the Australia […]