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Cloud-based Dragon speech-to-text software brings big advantages to business

Business has steadily been making the move to the cloud for many years, and not just for data storage but for productivity tools as well. In recent times, as working from home has become the norm rather than a ‘nice to have’, the benefits of this way of working have become more important than ever. Overnight as workers were forced to find ways to be productive away from the office, those businesses that were already using cloud, or were able to adapt quickly had clear advantages.

Now that both workers and business managers have come to recognise the significant benefits of working from home, such as improved work/life balance and reduced office costs, it is becoming clear that the world of work going forwards may for many bear little resemblance to how it was this time last year.

With that in mind many businesses are refining their use of cloud, bringing new productivity tools into the mix. Those who are not already using cloud based speech recognition software might do well to consider what Dragon Professional Anywhere can offer them. So here are the key advantages of using our cloud based digital dictation software.


  • Scalable: Grow seats as your organisation grows in size
  • Flexible: Deploy on-premise, or use EU-based Nuance authorised hosting partners
  • Peace of mind: patches and security update are automatically deployed by us
  • Secure: 256-bit encryption for all data both in transit and at rest
  • Compliant: GDPR and other regulatory requirements are met
  • Light local footprint: Does not enquire high end computing at the user end
  • Public or private cloud: whichever works best for you


  • Customisable: Use technical, scientific and other specialist vocabularies
  • Geographically flexible: Work from anywhere there is access to the internet – including home, client offices, work hubs and other geographies
  • Collaborative: Share document creation with other people no matter where they are located
  • Strategic advantage: innovative technology speeds up document production
  • Error reduction: speech recognition accuracy reduces the need to edit and revise document versions
  • Maximise uptime: 24/7/365 availability


  • Easy to budget: Infrastructure and maintenance costs are transparent up front
  • Easy to flex: Buy what you need, when you need it. Don’t pay for resources you don’t need
  • Reduce hardware spend: Cloud hosting reduces need for local servers, maintenance, hardware updating
  • Eliminate unforeseen expense: Local hardware failures are a non-issue as data is stored in cloud

With all these benefits added to the fact that Dragon speech recognition lets you create documents faster than typing, there has never been a better time to explore what we can do to help your business. Request a Demo Today.