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How can Dragon help legal firms grasp the opportunities Brexit brings?

As the UK finds its feet as a nation completely independent of the EU, there is a strong case for saying that, as far as legal firms and corporate legal teams are concerned, the hard work is only just starting. While they have already been very busy helping clients understand the new ways of working that Brexit brings, there is still much to do as legal professionals to steer clients through new regimens and requirements. This brings considerable opportunities, and successful legal practitioners may find technologies like Dragon speech recognition help them take advantage.

Legal firms and corporate legal teams are used to prioritising competing demands. Basic economics requires they maintain a staffing level that allows them to meet demand without being oversupplied. This may mean drafting in temporary staff to meet surges in demand, understanding which client needs must be prioritised and which can wait and taking whatever other mitigating measures seem appropriate. At the heart of any action taken lies the need to be responsive and agile and to put clients first.

A range of technologies can come into play to help legal professionals achieve these aims. At a time when those in the legal profession, like so many others, are normalising working from home due to Covid-19, professionals may already make greater use of cloud, document sharing platforms, and systems that support collaborative working than a year ago.

For those legal professionals that are not already using Dragon dictation software, now is the perfect time to delve into what Dragon Professional Anywhere can do for them. 

As a cloud based application Dragon Professional Anywhere is easily deployed to those working from home. News seats are added remotely, and Dragon is also updated remotely. Data is encrypted end-to end ensuring document security for those who are working from home.

Specialist vocabulary can be set up centrally so that complex terminologies and difficult spelling are easily accessible to professionals. The same goes for standardised, branded document templates. This gives a remote workforce the building blocks for faster, accurate document creation. Add to this that documents are dictated rather than typed – and speaking is faster than typing – and it is clear that Dragon gives legal professionals working remotely a significant advantage.

Providing professionals with tools to create their own documents at speed reduces reliance on transcription services which, even at the best of times, can cause bottlenecks in document creation. Right now, as Brexit results in increased client demands, document creation needs to progress smoothly and at pace.

Those legal professionals and corporate legal teams who are discovering the benefits of digital transformation in this new post-Brexit, working from home world, will find Dragon Professional Anywhere is another tool in the box that helps with meeting client needs. Those who are taking their first, tentative steps in digital transformation, prompted by Covid-19, can benefit from Dragon just as much. Our cloud deployments are either hosted or on premise, so we can flex to help you achieve more. 

Find out more about how Dragon can help legal professionals meet the challenge of Brexit here.

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