Legal transcription

Tackle the technology of document production with cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere

Technology is meant to make our working lives easier, but as anyone working with it day in, day out can testify, it can make life a whole lot harder. If your legal firm runs a bunch of software locally, then it runs the gauntlet of patching, network glitches and more on a daily basis, and maybe is even at the mercy of external consultants. It’s difficult to budget, and can cause downtime. Why bother? Move to cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere for a smoother speech to text experience.

Let’s face it, if you run a legal firm the last thing you want to spend time on is managing the back-office technology that is so vital to your work. Keeping software licenses up to date, installing patches and updates, fixing glitches, sorting out networking issues, updating hardware so it can keep up with the demands of software, the list is endless.

If you aren’t on top of everything, you can experience precisely the opposite of what all the tech is supposed to achieve.  Instead of making your legal firm more effective and efficient, it is can grind to a halt while a misfiring patch gets sorted out, or a network error is rectified. If you rely on contractors rather than in-house teams to provide technical services, there are inevitable, and often unbudgeted, costs to manage too.

Mindful of this, we have launched a new version of our flagship Dragon speech to text product in the UK. Cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere brings significant benefits over and above its super-accurate speech recognition that can save your legal firm literally hours every working day just by being more efficient at document production than typing.

I want to highlight four key benefits of going cloud-based for Dragon Professional Anywhere:

  • Cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere uses our effective speech recognition engine powered by deep learning technology.  We keep it up to date by adding new features on an ongoing basis – so you always have the very best of what it can do, without the need to do any maintenance work or patching in-house.
  • There’s a lot of computing power required for Dragon to be as accurate and fast as it is, but thin or virtual clients mean end-users don’t need to worry about providing mega-powered computing hardware, or about a constant race to update as we add new features.
  • With the computing load taking place primarily in the cloud, the potential for networking issues at the client end is minimised. It is our responsibility to provide you with access to Dragon 24/7/365.
  • Flexible and scalable pricing means you can increase the service as your business requires, providing you with excellent cost control and a guarantee of ability to scale as your business grows.

If you want to learn more about cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere check out our video, and if you’d like us to follow up with you and answer any specific questions you might have, just get in touch.