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How digital tools like Dragon speech recognition helps our public services

Public services are an essential part of modern life and key to our local, regional and national infrastructure. Like any organisation, public services need to manage budgets, justify expenditure and avoid wastage. Digital transformation is helping public service providers do just that, while also fostering a modern, streamlined approach that delivers better quality services to citizens. Whatever the public service, there is a role for Dragon speech recognition to play.

Public services do a wide range of complex and often difficult jobs, from collecting our refuse to providing policing, firefighting services, and caring for the old and the vulnerable. They are active at a very local level, regionally and nationally, and they are paid for through taxes. It is incumbent on public services to be efficient and effective.

Public services make use of digital tools to help them achieve their aims. Increasingly they look not just at using specific digital tools such as online collaboration systems, project management or unified communications, but also at wider digital transformation across the whole organisation.

When it comes to productivity digital transformation can really help in three key ways.

  • If it reduces the cost of service delivery then budget can be used differently, for example providing more services for the same money or providing new services.
  • If the quality of citizen interaction is improved because it is more efficient, or more responsive, or because self-service is on offer, then citizens are happier with the level of service they get
  • All of this means that staff can be deployed differently, for example instead of paying for staff to handle paperwork, they could be paid to deliver direct services.

Dragon has its part to play in the move to digital transformation because of the advantages it brings. These include faster and more accurate document production. Because Dragon is deployed in the cloud, flexible working is supported. Cloud deployment also reduces the burden on internal IT support teams, provides data security and ensures that software is kept up to date.

Digital transformation matters as much for employees as it does for public service organisations. Generally, people would much rather work in a modern, streamlined, technology-enabled workplace than one using outdated, slow, cumbersome systems. To attract the very best young people, and organisation needs to offer them work experiences that match those they have as consumers, and that means embracing technology in the workplace. By freeing people up to create documents with their voice rather than via a keyboard, Dragon fulfils this requirement.

Find out more about digital transformation in public services, and how Dragon can play its part here.

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