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Dragon has been helping organisations be more efficient with their document production for many years. Some companies have been Dragon users for ten years or more and working with our speech recognition software is as much a part of their everyday life as eating and sleeping. We recently spoke to one lawyer who has been using Dragon for more than a decade. We learned a lot about how Dragon speech recognition software has been an asset to his working life.

Jonathan Silverman is a successful lawyer who has run his own legal practice, consulted, and is regularly seen on TV and in the specialist press. He started using Dragon professionally in 1995, and has been a firm fan ever since, using it in his own legal practice and recommending it to others. Mr Silverman is very clear about the benefits Dragon brings.

He told us, “When you have a very long document or letter of advice to prepare for a client and you have manuscript notes which contain your key thoughts, it is so much easier to concentrate and dictate the first substantive draft, then read this on screen and amend as necessary.”

But it’s not just faster document production that brings benefits to legal firms. Mr Silverman also told us that Dragon creates increased job satisfaction by helping lawyers be more responsive to their clients, more quickly. And now, with lawyers working from home like so many of us, Mr Silverman says Dragon helps them be more self-sufficient, because they can create and edit their own documents rather than relying on secretarial or typing support.

Even that is not the end of the story. Mr Silverman told us that using Dragon helped his firm save tens of thousands of pounds in overheads even in the very early days. This is money that went straight into increased profits, and allowed his firm to take on more lawyers and become more successful and profitable. In fact he told us that using Dragon was “One of the most cost effective steps of his professional life.”

Read more about Jonathan Silverman’s experience of Dragon here.

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